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About the Logo

Our mission, as the region's leading public center of excellence in the biological sciences, is to advance knowledge of the basic biological sciences and apply our research discoveries in ways that improve human health, protect the environment, and enrich our economy.

It is this threefold purpose that inspired the new logo and graphic identity for the division, symbolically representing the interdisciplinary research and vibrant community that make up our faculty, staff, and students.

Usage Guidelines

The logo must be used in its full and complete form, including "Biological Sciences", "lotus" symbol, tagline, and UC San Diego logo. These elements may not be separated or omitted. The "lotus" may be used as a separate design element, but not in place of the logo itself.

Email Signatures

The following file is sized so that it is small enough for an email signature yet still clearly legible and hi-res:   
Logo for Email Signature

Note: Due to the inherent differences between email programs, browsers, and computer displays, the logo may not look exactly the same in every instance.   If you run into any major problems, please email a clear description of your issue to katielee@ucsd.edu so that we may look into it and come up with a solution.


Logo Font: DINMittelschrift
Complementary Fonts: Arial and Frutiger. These are two widely available fonts within the same font family as DINMittelschrift that are good to use if you are trying to maintain a similar look and feel throughout a document or web page.


Bio Logo Margins

A margin free of design elements should be created around the logo. If using the blue font on a dark or distracting background, the logo may appear in a white box which should be as large as the margin listed.

Print margin: At least 5mm which is the equivalent of 21 pt Times New Roman
Web margin: No less than 20 px


If you are using a standard Word template, you will need to click on the graphic and hold down the shift key while dragging one of the corners of the graphic. The shift key will ensure that the proportions of the logo are maintained.

For a document in which you need a very large logo, please consult with the Webmaster, Katie Lee (x43112, katielee@ucsd.edu). The logo files need to be in a certain format to retain the clean look of the logo in larger sizes and we can work together to provide the graphics you need.


  • Keep the original proportions
  • Use the original electronic files
  • Use the right format for your project
  • Make the logo large enough to be legible
  • Leave enough space at the edges of the page or browser


  • Use a web download for a print publication or vice versa
  • Stretch, distort, or try to recreate the logo
  • Change the colors or font, which damages the integrity of the logo

If you would like assistance with adding the logo to your lab home page, or for any other questions, please contact:

Katie Lee, Webmaster
katielee@ucsd.edu,  858-534-3112