What to do when you need software (for cheap)

If all you need is one or two copies of a particular software, the UCSD Bookstore may be the quickest, and sometime the cheaper way to go. You can contact the Bookstore Computer department at x44291.

If you understand volume licensing, and wish to purchase the right to use a software package through the ACS Software Distribution services, please follow the following steps.

  1. Call the BOOKSTORE or look at their web site and check their prices (for comparison). Their web site is at http://ucsandiegobookstore.com/c-303-software.aspx and their student software special agreements page is at http://ucsandiegobookstore.com/c-303-software.aspx for Adobe & Microsoft student volume licensing. Microsoft Office licenses only are now available to current UCSD staff and faculty, as well as students.
  2. Visit the website http://software.ucsd.edu and check their prices.
    1. BEFORE you do ANY thing at ACS/Software Distribution, click and READ the ACS Software Distribution http://software.ucsd.edu/serve.shtml info on who ACS/Software Distribution serves
    2. Once you understand what ACS Software Distribution is about, go back to the main software page and click on the link "Products & Pricing", http://software.ucsd.edu/prices.shtml page.
    3. View the appropriate "Agreement information" for the Software that you wish to purchase, paying close attention to requirements such as minimum number of licenses or points.
    4. Check the pricelist for your software and pick out the version that you want to purchase.
  3. To order from ACS/Software Distribution, go to http://software.ucsd.edu/howtoorder.shtml and follow the directions.

    1. When specifying the item that you wish to purchase, it may be a good idea to copy and paste the whole line from the Price List. For example:
      Adobe Acrobat Professional - ( v. 8.0 ) - license - 1 user - Mac 54020722PU $37.17
    2. Make sure you have read any related FAQ and understand what the terms like "Concurrent" stand for
    3. Remember that in addition to the software cost, there will be a $20 application fee each time you submit an order.
    4. Once the order has been processed, you will be given via e-mail a directory for downloading along with username and password for downloading the software. If you wish, you can order the installation kit/media along with the licenses. Check the pricelist for media. Almost everything is available for download.
  4. If you have trouble understanding ACS/Software Distribution or want us to do the ordering for you. You can send e-mail to the help desk (help@biology.ucsd.edu) providing us with the details of what you need:

    1. Give us the item you want (Include OS this will be used with, and any version numbers). We will try our best to pick out the appropriate item from ACS/Software Distribution pricelist.
    2. The quantity
    3. The name or serial number or UCID number of the computer this relates to.
    4. Your IFIS index number
    5. Your department
    6. Your campus phone extension
    7. Your campus mail code
    8. Any additional comments about this order
  5. Once we have sent the order, our job is done. You will receive a paper proof of purchase via campus mail. It is your responsibility to keep track of your licenses in case of audit or as proof when you want to borrow any installation media from the Help Desk.

Student software info is at http://software.ucsd.edu/resourcefiles/students.shtml