Funding Opportunities

Proposal Preparation


You can also look up Sponsored Research Projects Contacts by faculty name.

Jennifer Louie, Manager (858) 534-0547
1570 Urey Hall
Carissa Baines (858) 534-4743
1530 Urey Hall
Alejandro Bernache (858) 534-0546
1550 Urey Hall
Elizabeth Felando (858) 534-1933
1560 Urey Hall
Monica Flores (858) 534-3100
1580 Urey Hall
Christine Gach (858) 534-4741
1515 Urey Hall
Lisa Jandt Auvil (858) 534-1933
1520B Urey Hall
Stephanie Schuck (858) 822-4150
1545 Urey Hall
Yi Sudweeks (858) 534-6159
1540 Urey Hall
Melissa Carreno (858) 534-0043
1510 Urey Hall
Connie Reid (858) 534-1933
1510 Urey Hall
Mark Whelan (858) 246-0437
1510 Urey Hall
Fax: (858) 534-1072
Address: 9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA

Material Transfer Agreement requests (MTA)

If you are receiving or sending material such as reagents, animals or biological materials, please visit the MTA website for additional information.  If assistance is needed please contact your fund manager.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Please contact your PI's fund manager for information on procedures for applying for postdocotral fellowships.

Also, please visit the Community of Science Database. You do not need to log on if you are connecting from a campus computer.

Non-Faculty Researchers

Special forms are needed, please contact the fund manager for your PI.
• PI Exception Form
• Recommended Proposal Submission Schedule

Training Grants

Please contact Lien Ngo at Student Affairs, (858) 822-0292 or