Information for New Faculty

The Division of Biological Sciences at UCSD has dedicated fund managers to assist faculty and associated researchers with the submission of extramural funding requests. We provide assistance and guidance on grant submissions, financial reporting and keep an updated database of current and pending support information.

Useful information

Requests and Recommendations

Please let us know with a minimum of one month in advance that you are planning to submit a grant.

To help your fund manager get started please provide them with funding opportunity information, a title, and budget amounts (including personnel) about four weeks before the due date and a draft of the complete proposal ten days before. Early submission of the final materials to the agency is recommended whenever possible.

When receiving information about awards from private agencies, please bring all the original letters, checks, signature requests, etc., to your fund manager so that we may see that it is processed through the proper channels in a timely manner.

We highly recommend that you sign up with the "Community of Science Database" at