Unwanted Lab Equipment


Rotors have a limited life span, usually 10-12 years depending on use. Once they are dinged up or show signs of corrosion they are deemed unsafe for use (unbalanced). Using a damaged or unbalanaced rotor can cause major damage to equipment and building ( Ultracentrifuge explosion damages laboratory). Worse, you or a co-worker can sustain severe or even fatal injuries. Be sure to inspect your rotor's integrety regularly.

Please do not throw unwanted rotors in the trash. Proper disposal via Surplus Sales is required. 

To arrange for Surplus Sales pick-up:

  1. If the rotor was used to spin radioactive materials, request a radiation decontamination clearance from EH&S before you begin preparing the rotor for disposal. This should be your first step.

  2. Clean and decontaminate rotor. Scrub away visible spill/chemical residue with warm soapy water and wipe all surfaces with freshly made 10% bleach solution.

Steps 3 & 4 are for Division of Biological Sciences labs ONLY. All others please contact EH&S and your business office for assistance.
  1. Green Tag Contact Safety Office to "Green Tag' rotor to indicate that the rotor is hazard free.

  2. Contact Fiscal Office to arrange for a Surplus Sales pick-up. Provide the following information:

    • Equipment Type
    • Make, model, serial number
    • UCID# ( if applicable)
    • Approximate size ( ensures the proper size truck and personnel)
    • Working condition ( provide details regarding potential resale value or designate as e-waste)
    • Green tag - Required. Surplus will not pick up without a green tag.
    • Pick-up location - Building, room number, whether the room is locked, etc.
    • Contact person - Phone number and email. ( will be contacted prior to pick up)

    Fiscal Office will adjust the faculty's equipment inventory.

Safety Assistance