Unwanted Lab Equipment


E-waste is considered hazardous waste and must go out via EH&S.

E-waste includes all broken, non-inventoried, small electronic devices, and battery containing equipment such as:

  • TVs and monitors
  • Computers, keyboards, mice, printers, and scanners
  • Telephones, cell phones, and answering machines
  • Radios, stereo equipment, tape players, and recorders
  • VCRs, CD players
  • Battery-containing devices (calculators, timers, flashlights, etc.)
  • Some appliances, including microwaves

Inventoried equipment (equipment with UCID numbers) must go through Surplus Sales. See How to Send Equipment to Surplus Sales.

Disposal of E-Waste through EH&S:

Isotope and Ethidium Bromide Contamination Warning

If isotopes were used near the device, request a radiation decontamination clearance from EH&S. This should be your first step. If equipment shows signs of radiation contamination, follow EH&S's on how to decontaminate and safely prepare the unwanted device for disposal.

If it was used near ethidium bromide special precautions must be taken. See Handling Ethidium Bromide for clean-up instructions.

  1. If the equipment is clear of radiation and/or ethidium bromide contamination, clean and decontaminate it. Scrub visible spill/chemical remnants with warm soapy water and wipe all surfaces with a freshly made 10% bleach solution.
  2. Green Tag Contact the  Safety Office to green tag your computer/e-waste to indicate it is hazard free.
    For Division of Biological Sciences labs ONLY. All others, please contact EH&S for assistance.
  3. Using the Online Waste Tag Program (OTP), create a EH&S hazardous waste tag (select “Universal Waste” and ”Electronic Waste (Non Surplus)”), tag it, and submit a hazardous waste pick-up request.

For more information, contact the EH&S Environmental Management Facility at (858) 534-2753.

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