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Safety Assistance

The Safety Office is committed to providing effective consultation and safety support to research laboratories in the Division of Biological Sciences. We believe in fostering close relationships with laboratories and working together to cultivate a safe research environment for all.


University of California, San Diego
Division of Biological Sciences
9500 Gilman Drive
Bonner Hall 1241, Mail Code 0368
La Jolla, CA 92093-0368

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Hanako Wyles, Division Safety Officer
hwyles@ucsd.edu | (858) 822-1358

Scott Asbach, Assistant Safety Officer

sasbach@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-5017

Neghin Jafarzadeh, Divisional Safety Assistant
njafarza@ucsd.edu | (858) 534-6432


Getting Started in Lab

Select from the following links below for a checklist of required tasks to accomplish when first starting laboratory work at UCSD.

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Decontamination & Waste Management