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Faculty List by Academic Section

Aroian, Raffi Professor

Intracellular responses to bacterial pore-forming toxins, development of new anthelmintics, Bt toxin resistance .

Bennett, Eric Assistant Professor
Systems-level analysis of cellular protein degradation pathways

Bier, Ethan Professor

Molecular and genetic analysis of Drosophila neural development.

Briggs, Steven Distinguished Professor

Embryonic stem cell fate; plant resistance to infectious disease.

Brown, Willie

Chisholm, Andrew Professor/Neuro

Genetics of neuronal and epidermal morphogenesis in C. elegans.

Chrispeels, Maarten Distinguished Professor Emeritus

What are the most effective pedagogical approaches to create scientific literacy?

Collins, Eva-Maria Schoetz Assistant Professor

Biomechanics; planarian regeneration and asexual reproduction dynamics; aging; neurogenesis and behavior.

Cooper, Kim Assistant Professor

Crawford, Nigel Professor

Plant molecular biology, control of gene expression and ion transport.

Estelle, Mark Distinguished Professor

Molecular genetics of plant hormone action; the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway in plants.

Firtel, Richard Associate Dean/Distinguished Professor

Regulation of signaling pathways mediating chemotaxis and cell motility. Spatiotemporal and biochemical control of the mechanics of cell motility.

Nuclear transport in vitro; nuclear pore structure; nuclear assembly

Ghiara, Jayant   Lecturer with Potential of Security of Employment

Green, Melvin

Genetics and molecular biology of protein degradation in yeast.

Hayashi, Masaki

Kiger, Amy Associate Professor

Cellular morphogenesis. Functional genomic analysis of cell shape changes in Drosophila development.

Lindsley, Dan Professor Emeritus
Loomis, William Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Developmental biology; molecular genetics of development in Dictyostelium

Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the specification of neuronal identity, growth cone motility and navigation, target selection and the generation of neuronal arbors.

Markow, Therese Amylin Chair in Life Sciences and Professor

Speciation and adaptation to novel environments; Mating system evolution; Drosophila evolutionary genetics.

McGinnis, William Distinguished Professor and Dean

Molecular genetics of Drosophila development and epidermal wound repair.

Pinon, Ramon

Posakony, James Professor

Cell fate specification by cell-cell signaling and transcriptional regulation; enhancer architecture and evolution.

Pruneda-Paz, Jose Assistant Professor

Unraveling transcriptional networks underlying the circadian regulation of plant pathogen responses.

Schroeder, Julian Distinguished Professor

Cellular, molecular and systems level identification of drought and salinity-stress resistance signal transduction mechanisms in plants. Plant CO2 sensing and signal transduction.

Singer, S.

Smith, Laurie Professor

Genetic, molecular, and proteomic analysis of division plane orientation in plant cells.

Tokuyasu, Kiyoteru Professor Emeritus

Tour, Ella   Lecturer with Potential of Security of Employment

Traver, David Professor/CMM

Vertebrate blood cell development, biology of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells.

Troemel, Emily Associate Professor

Investigating host/pathogen interactions in the roundworm C. elegans, including extracellular and intracellular pathogens.

Molecular genetic analysis of signal transduction in Drosophila development and immunity.

Wienhausen, Gabriele   Associate Dean for Education / Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment

Wilhelm, James Associate Professor

mRNA localization, translational control, and membrane trafficking in Drosophila melanogaster.

Wollman, Roy Assistant Professor/Chemistry and Biochemistry

Yanofsky, Martin Distinguished Professor and Chair

Molecular and genetic analyses of fruit development.

Yelon, Deborah Professor and Vice Chair

Organogenesis: genetic regulation of heart development in zebrafish

Zhao, Yunde Professor

Plant Biology, Molecular mechanisms of auxin homeostasis and signal transduction.

Case, Ted

Chao, Lin Professor

Theory and genetics of evolutionary processes.

Cleland, Elsa Assistant Professor

Responses of plant communities and ecosystems to global environmental changes; restoration of native plant communities.

Holway, David Professor

Biological invasions, social insects, trophic interactions.

Kohn, Joshua Professor and Chair

Plant population biology; mating system evolution; ecological genetics.

Kurle, Carolyn Assistant Professor

Nieh, James Professor and Vice Chair

Behavioral Ecology of bee foraging and communication, with emphasis on the evolution of communication, neuroethology of learning, and bee health.

Rifkin, Scott Assistant Professor
Evolutionary and developmental systems biology, variability of genetic networks in nematodes and yeast.

Roy, Kaustuv Professor

Physical and biotic controls on the distribution and diversity of species in benthic marine ecosystems.

Shurin, Jonathan Professor
The factors that determine the productivity, diversity and stability of natural and engineered ecosystems.

Wills, Christopher Professor Emeritus

Molecular evolution; genetic variation at DNA level.

Woodruff, David Professor

Conservation and evolutionary biology; speciation; genetics of endangered species.

Allen, Eric Associate Professor/Marine Biology

Microbial genomics and metagenomics; molecular genetics of microbial lipid biosynthesis.

Baker, Timothy Professor/Chemistry and Biochemistry

Cryoelectron microscopy and three-dimensional, computer reconstruction of macromolecules

Brody, Stuart Professor Emeritus

Biochemical genetics of circadian rhythms and mitochondrial membranes in Neurospora.

Chilukuri, Lakshmi Lecturer with Security of Employment

Coleman, Aaron Lecturer with Security of Employment

Innovation in biology laboratory education.

David, Michael Professor

Mechanisms by which interferons and other cytokines activate the transcription of early response genes.

Doolittle, Russell Research Professor

Evolution of protein structure and function.

Feng, Gen-Sheng Professor/Pathology

Molecular Signaling in Cancer, Metabolism and Stem Cells.

Friedkin, Morris

Geiduschek, E. Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Biochemical and genetic approaches to the control of gene activity.

Golden, James Professor

Regulation of development, nitrogen fixation, and bio-products in cyanobacteria.

Golden, Susan Distinguished Professor

Regulation of circadian rhythms and bio-products in cyanobacteria.

Goldrath, Ananda Associate Professor

Generation and maintenance of T cell immunity.

Hao, Nan Assistant Professor


Hasty, Jeff Professor/Bioengineering


Hedrick, Stephen Distinguished Professor/CMM

Immune recognition and development.

Hwa, Terence Professor/Physics

Helinski, Donald Professor Emeritus

Analysis of mechanisms of regulation of plasmid DNA replication and plasmid DNA partitioning.

Jun, Suckjoon Assistant Professor

Applying physical and quantitative methods (experimental and theoretical) to understand the extent to which basic principles govern growth, cell cycle and chromosome dynamics in bacteria.

Kadonaga, James Distinguished Professor

Transcriptional regulation and chromatin dynamics.

Lu, Li-Fan Assistant Professor

Regulatory T cell biology and miRNA-mediated immune regulation.

Lauberth, Shannon Assistant Professor


Mechanisms of translation and mRNA turnover regulation in eukaryotic gene expression.

Mayfield, Stephen Director, San Diego Center for Algae Biotechnology and John Dove Isaacs Chair of Natural Philosophy Professor

Developing algae as a biotechnology platform for the production of biofuels and bio-products.

Mel, Stephanie Lecturer with Security of Employment


Murre, Cornelis Distinguished Professor

Global networks that orchestrate lymphocyte cell fate.

Nguyen-Huu, Xuong

Protein crystallography.

Niwa Rosen, Maho Associate Professor

Regulation of functional homeostasis of the endoplasmic reticulum during the cell cycle progression.

Pasquinelli, Amy Professor and Vice Chair

Molecular genetic studies of microRNA pathways.

Pillus, Lorraine Professor and Chair

Chromosome structure and function; genetics and epigenetics of transcription; position effects and transcriptional repression.

Pogliano, Joseph Professor

DNA segregation in prokaryotes.

Pogliano, Kit Professor

How the progeny of a single cell division assume differing fates.

Price, Paul Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Analysis of protein structure and physiological function; post translational protein modification.

Russell, Percy

Saier, Milton Professor

Transmembrane transport and the regulation of cellular physiology and transcription.

Scheffler, Immo Professor Emeritus

Somatic cell genetics. Molecular genetics of mammalian mitochondria.

Smith, Douglas Professor Emeritus

Molecular biology; DNA replication and repair; computer applications to biology.

Spector, Deborah Adjunct Professor/Professor of Medicine

Subramani, Suresh Distinguished Professor

Organelle homeostasis; peroxisome function and biogenesis; peroxisomal disorders; peroxisomal protein import; peroxisome turnover by autophagy.

Suel, Gurol Associate Professor

Heterogeneity of cellular decision-making in single cells and populations.

Wang, Jean Adjunct Professor/Professor of Medicine

Xu, Yang Professor

Lymphocyte development and signaling pathways in response to DNA damage.

Zhang, Dong-er Professor/Pathology

Molecular basis of blood cell differentiation and cancer development.

Zuniga, Elina Associate Professor

Innate and adaptive immunity against viral infections.

Armour, Jon   Lecturer with Security of Employment


Berg, Darwin Distinguished Professor

Cellular and molecular mechanisms of synapse formation, nicoinic signaling, and neural network construction.

Bloodgood, Brenda Assistant Professor


Butler, Madeline   Lecturer with Security of Employment


Chisholm, Andrew Professor/CDB

Genetics of neuronal and epidermal morphogenesis in C. elegans.

Fortes, P. George   Associate Professor


French, Kathleen   Lecturer with Security of Employment

Mechanisms of synaptic specificity during development of the central nervous system and how hormones affect neuronal activity to modify behavior

Greenspan, Ralph Professor in Residence/Cognitive Science

Molecular mechanisms of morphogenesis of axons, dendrites, and synapses; time-lapse imaging of cytoskeletal dynamics.

Huberman, Andrew Assistant Professor/Neurosciences

Genetic analysis of visual circuits and synaptic specificity.

Jin, Yishi Professor/CMM

Molecular genetic mechanisms of synapse formation, neuron circuit regulation and  nerve regeneration.

Komiyama, Takaki Assistant Professor/Neurosciences

Two-photon imaging of microcircuit modulations by behavior and learning in awake mice.

Kristan, William Distinguished Professor and Chair

Neurobiology; neuronal basis of behavior; development of simple nervous systems.

Leutgeb, Jill Assistant Professor

Systems Neuroscience; Neural network mechanisms underlying memory formation and retrieval.

Leutgeb, Stefan Assistant Professor
Neural circuits for spatial computations and memory

Lim, Byungkook  Assistant Professor
Malinow, Roberto Professor/Neurosciences

Synapses in brain function and dysfunction.

Montal, S. Distinguished Professor

Molecular neurobiology; molecular basis of electrical excitability and signal transduction in neural membranes; molecular design of channel proteins.

Patrick, Gentry Associate Professor

Neurobiology; the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS), one of the major cellular pathways controlling protein turnover in mammalian cells.

Reinagel, Pamela Associate Professor

Visual behavior, visual neuroscience, and computational theory.

Understanding the circuits controlling the spatial and temporal structure of cortical activity.

Sejnowski, Terrence Distinguished Professor

Neurobiology; computational models of the nervous system; mechanisms for synaptic plasticity.

Spitzer, Nicholas Distinguished Professor

Developmental neurobiology; control of expression of neuronal phenotypes

Su, Chih-Ying  Assistant Professor


Wang, Jing Associate Professor

Systems neurobiology; representation and processing of olfactory information in simple olfactory system.

Zou, Yimin Professor and Vice Chair

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of axon pathfinding, target specificaton and neuronal migration in nervous system development