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Research Facilities

UC San Diego has a variety of facilities on campus which provide services that enable and enhance our groundbreaking research. 


The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2) represents an experiment in inventing the university research environment of the future to continue to fuel innovation in the global economy. It:

  • builds horizontal links among departments to foster multidisciplinary studies
  • creates research teams consisting of members who can be located anywhere because of the internet
  • supports involvement by faculty, students, industry, government, and community partners
  • enables prototyping in Calit2 "living laboratories"
  • provides technical professionals as the bridge between academia and industry

CORE Bio Services

Core Bio Services offers high quality biotech products and services at competitive prices to the campus research community and to the San Diego biotech community. They also stock a variety of biological products such as restriction enzymes, modifying enzymes, transformation and transfection products, growth factors, ultrapure reagents, DNA sequencing and more from a variety of vendors.

San Diego Supercomputer Center

SDSC provides and supports a wide range of computing and data resources for the research community. These resources are available for use by the University of California researchers, to academic researchers in the U.S, and to industry affiliates.

Shared Research Facilities

The Office of Research Affairs maintains a searchable list of Shared Research Facilities at UC San Diego. These research facilities provide access to research equipment and support services all over campus.