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Research Mission

  • Sea diversity

    Biologists study the diversity of life in the sea and at the land-sea interface

  • Nemotode

    Nematodes cause 100 billion dollars in crop damage each year worldwide

  • Stem cells

    Stem cell research holds promise for cures for cancer and other diseases

  • algae

    Biologists are exploring algae as one biofuel alternative to petroleum

  • ants

    Argentine ants invade California coastal area

  • Neuron ball

    Cells begin as unspecialized stem cells (blue) and become neurons (green) via treatment with a vitamin A-like chemical

  • Insects

    Many exotic species are threatened with extinction as their habitats are destroyed

  • Expand the frontiers of knowledge about how living organisms develop, function, reproduce, interact and evolve
  • Apply discoveries in the biosciences to solving global problems in the areas of health, the environment, and the economy

Our research faculty are at the forefront of scientific discovery in their respective fields. Their cutting edge research addresses some of the most perplexing and urgent issues of our time, from cures for cancer and diabetes to understanding neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's, from cleaning up the environment to protecting the world's food supply, from looking for biofuel alternatives to petroleum to understanding climate change and its effects on all forms of life. Each faculty member belongs to 1 of 4 Academic Sections and is involved in 1 or more of 9 specialty research areas. Both our senior and junior faculty have distinguished themselves, receiving numerous honors from their peers and competing successfully for many top national awards, including Packard Fellowships, Searle Scholar Awards, Beckman Young Investigator Awards, and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Research Fellowships. We are creating a community where the best scientists from every background are welcome. Our high-caliber and diverse faculty ensures that our nationally ranked research and educational programs will continue to grow in excellence. In addition to individual research programs, the division is taking the lead in establishing major interdisciplinary research initiatives focused on global health, environmental sustainability, and economic security.

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