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Contact Information

Below is a list of general contacts for major administrative units within the division. Details about specific inquiries may be found on the unit's webpage.

Unit Contact

Academic Personnel Services

Laura Ta, Academic Personnel Manager
(858) 534-6387   lta@ucsd.edu

Computer Services

Computing Help Desk (general)
(858)534-6355   biocomp-help@ucsd.edu

Division Web Office (web-related)
(858)534-3112   biowebgroup@ucsd.edu

Facilities and Shops

Dwayne Fernandez, Facilities Manager and Shop Superintendent
(858)534-2449   dfernandez@ucsd.edu

bioshophelp@ucsd.edu (request an estimate/schedule maintenance)

biofacilities@ucsd.edu (report building maintenance issues)

Fiscal Services

Maryam Attari, Chief Financial Officer
(858) 534-0542   mattari@ucsd.edu

Jennifer Louie, Sponsored Project Manager (contracts & grants)
(858) 534-0547   jflouie@ucsd.edu

Graduate Student & Instructional Services

Tom Tomp, Manager, Graduate Student and Instructional Services
(858) 534-2580   ttomp@ucsd.edu

Human Resources & Payroll Services

Melanie Doyle, HR & Payroll Manager
(858) 534-1965   m2doyle@ucsd.edu

Safety Assistance

Vicky Scales, Safety Officer
(858) 534-6432   vscales@ucsd.edu

Undergraduate Student & Instructional Services

(858) 534-0557   biousis@ucsd.edu (non-UCSD students)
Pacific Hall 1128

Virtual Advising Center (VAC) (UCSD students)

Business Office

Kathy Hay, Business Officer
(858)822-4541   khay@ucsd.edu

Dean's Office

Bonnie Weems, Dean's Office Assistant
(858)534-5635   bweems@ucsd.edu