Diversity at the Division of Biological Sciences

Diversity in the UCSD Division of Biological Sciences

We strive to create a climate of respect, fairness, cooperation, and inclusiveness, and to promote innovation and leadership by engaging the talents and abilities of all.

Message from the Director of Mentorship and Diversity

Gentry Patrick, Director of Mentorship and Diversity

Gentry Patrick, Director of Mentorship and Diversity

In Chancellor Pradeep Khosla’s Strategic Plan for UC San Diego, Diversity is listed as a top priority. The Plan cites as a goal;

Cultivating a diverse and inclusive university community that encourages respectful open dialogue, and challenges itself to take bold actions that will ensure learning is accessible and affordable for all.

In alignment with Chancellor Khosla and his vision for UC San Diego, the Division of Biological Sciences considers Diversity as paramount to our success. It is a culture that creates a foundation of respect and provides for vision and innovation within our Division. We believe that diversity and academic excellence are not divergent, but rather greatly depend on each other...

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UC-XULA Partnership for Graduate Success

This three-year initiative combines diversity outreach and mentorship programs at UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences and Scripps Institution of Oceanography with students from Xavier University of Louisiana (XULA), which leads the nation in African-American biology graduates.

The new “UC San Diego/Xavier University of Louisiana Graduate Pathways Partnership” immerses students in scientific training and offers them a taste of life as a graduate student.

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