Biology Graduate Student Seminar Series (BGSE 205)

The graduate research seminars form the revamped version of the BGSE 205 graduate course, in which Biology doctoral students present their research in affinity groups, each of which will meet once a month for one hour, generally with two speakers per meeting. The seminars are organized by students and divided into affinity groups focused around specific research topics (see table below). The seminars are open format and all members of the Division (students, faculty, postdocs) are encouraged to attend the seminars in the group(s) close to their research (and others if one would like, of course). The graduate student speakers receive feedback from those attending the seminars, including input on their presentations from faculty. Students present once per year beginning in their second year, until they are ready to defend.

Organizer Information

BGSE 205 Seminar Organizing [PDF]

Seminar Series Schedule

Research Topic Dates Time Location Student Organizers
Cancer Biology First Tuesday; except no meeting in January 2019 4:00-5:00pm Salk Fellows Room Hector Galvez and Yuwenbin Li
Cell Biology & Signaling 10/22/18; 02/25/19; 04/22/19 - BH2130 & 11/26/18; 01/28/19; 04/22/19; 05/20/19 - Salk Trustees Room 3:00-4:00pm Bonner Hall 2130 and Salk Trustees Room Stephanie Curtis and Ray Mak
Chromatin and Transcriptional Regulation First Tuesday of each month; except 01/15/19 and 02/19/19 - PH3500 12:00-1:00pm Bonner Hall and Pacific Hall 3500 Homa Rahmamoun and Daniela Samaniego Castruita
Ecology, Behavior & Evolution 10/12/18; 10/26/18; 11/02/18; 11/16/18; 01/18/19; 02/01/19; 02/15/19; 03/01/19 9:30-10:30am AP&M 3880 Bahram Kheradmand and Ida Naughton
Host Pathogen Interactions/Innate Immunity First Monday of each month; except October 9 - BH 2130 and 01/07/19; 02/04/19 and 03/04/19 - PH3500 2:00-3:00pm Bonner Hall 2130 and Pacific Hall 3500 Sam Redford and Alicia Romero
Immunology 10/30/18; 11/27/18; 12/11; 01/22/19; 03/05/19; 03/19/19; 04/16/19; 04/30/19; 05/14/19 12:30-1:30pm Natural Sciences Building 4211 Quynh Nguyen
Microbiology First Monday of each month 3:00-4:00pm Bonner Hall 2130 Vinson Lam and Emily Pierce
Molecular, Cellular, & Developmental Neurobiology First Monday of each month; except in October 10/08/18 3:30-4:30pm Natural Sciences Building 4211 Yue Sun and Blenda Yu
Neurocircuits First Wednesday of each month except 11/14/18 and 01/09/19 - BH2140 12:00-1:30pm Bonner Hall 2130 and 2140 Xiangyu Ren and Sunandha Srikanth
Post-Transcriptional Gene Expressions First Wednesday of each month 9:00-10:00am Natural Sciences Building 4211 Delaney Pagliuso and Tyger Saltman
Quantitative Biology First Wednesday of each month 4:00-5:00pm Bonner Hall 2130 Matt Croxford and Kaito Kikuchi
Regenerative & Developmental Biology First Wednesday of each month except 01/09/19 10:00-11:00am Bonner Hall 2140; except 11/07/18 and 12/05/18 - Pacific Hall 3500 Hannah Grunwald and Tian Wang