Selecting the Doctoral Committee

You must adhere to the following guidelines in selecting faculty to serve on your doctoral committee:

  • Every Biological Sciences student doctoral committee must include only regular and adjunct UCSD faculty  and have at least 5 members.
  • Every doctoral committee must have at least 1 non-Division of Biological Sciences faculty member who has tenure at UCSD.
  • Every doctoral committee will have at least 3 Division of Biological Sciences faculty (including Division of Biological Sciences adjunct faculty).
  • If a doctoral committee contains 4 Biological Sciences faculty members, at least 2 Division of Biological Sciences sections must be represented.
  • A doctoral committee may include no more than 2 adjunct faculty (without adding a 6th member). If a committee has 2 adjunct faculty, at least 1 must have their adjunct appointment in the Division of Biological Sciences.

Roles and responsibilities of each member of the Doctoral Committee can be found on our Academic Advising page.  Please review this page to fully understand what each member of the Doctoral Committee provides to their student trainees.