Institute for Chronobiology Education and Outreach

Chronobiology, the study of internal biological clocks, continues to grow in importance. Biological clocks, found at all levels in living organisms, range from oscillations found in nerve cells on the millisecond scale to oscillations in minutes, hours, days, and years in a variety of organisms and tissues. Current research is yielding insights into the inter-relatedness of various disease processes and circadian rhythms thus confirming the clinical and medical relevance of chronobiology. The understanding of circadian rhythms will provide new targets for drug development and will shape medical treatment.

Workshop on Circadian Rhythms and Shiftwork

The Institute for Chronobiology Education & Outreach, in partnership with UC San Diego’s Center for Circadian Biology, offers short-courses, workshops and networking opportunities for professionals from academe, medicine and industry. The Institute for Chronobiology Education & Outreach will leverage UC San Diego’s strength in cutting edge circadian biology research and provide learning experiences aimed at changing the public health landscape.


 For more information, please contact:

Felicia Murray

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