Institute for Industrial Biotech Education

Industrial Biotechnology (IB), also known as White Biotechnology, is the application of biotechnology for the environmentally-friendly production and processing of chemicals, food and feed, pharmaceuticals, materials and bio-energy. By translating current research data to industrial biotechnology processes and products, researchers expect to provide solutions for some of the greatest challenges facing humanity today.

The Institute for Industrial Biotech Education, in partnership with UC San Diego Extension, offers workshops, courses, and networking opportunities to enhance and accelerate careers and to prepare professionals for tackling tomorrow’s industrial biotechnology challenges.

Course Offerings

Microbial Fermentation Workshop

This 3 day workshop is designed for professionals who are interested in learning more about how to analyze problems encountered from the scale-up of microbial cells from bench scale to fermentor.


 For more information, please contact:

Felicia Murray

UC San Diego Extension, Program Representative
(858) 534-9353