Research Initiatives

There are two exciting and innovative research-based opportunities for freshman biology majors.

Participation in these programs is by invitation only. Freshmen who are invited to apply will be contacted individually and given the website information for application.

A goal in each of these programs is for the results to be published in scientific journals with the students listed as co-authors.

Phage Genomics Research Initiative

Students accepted into the Phage Genomics Research program will learn how to approach research problems creatively. Research will focus on bacteriophage, rapidly evolving viruses that infect bacteria. Students will isolate new bacteriophage from the environment and sequence and characterize their genomes. Find out more about the Phage Genomics Research Initiative.

Quantitative Biology Project Laboratory

Students accepted into QPL will develop the experimental and computational skills necessary for the quantitative study of living systems through hands-on participation in a unique and interdisciplinary laboratory environment. Find out more about the Quantitative Biology Project Laboratory.