Quantitative Biology Project Laboratory

The Quantitative Biology Project Laboratory (QPL) is a cutting-edge research-based laboratory course for freshmen biology majors that was launched for the first time in winter quarter 2016.

Participation in the program is by invitation only. Incoming fall freshmen who are invited to apply will be contacted individually and given the website information for application.

Students accepted into QPL will develop the experimental and computational skills necessary for the quantitative study of living systems through hands-on participation in a unique and interdisciplinary laboratory environment. Unlike other lab classes at UCSD, students in QPL will have the opportunity to address unanswered questions in biology, with the aim of producing publishable data.

Students will be working with freshwater planarians, which are famous for their regenerative capabilities. Incredibly, if you cut a planarian into 10 pieces, you will have 10 new worms a week later! Specifically, students will be encouraged to design their own experiments with the aim of determining the function of various genes in nervous system regeneration and neuronal control of behavior. This will be done using an interdisciplinary approach by drawing on state-of-the-art techniques taken from molecular and computational biology as well as pharmacological and physical perturbations.

A goal is for the results to be published in scientific journals with the students listed as co-authors.

This is a unique new quantitative laboratory course that is only offered at UC San Diego.