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Profiles in Giving

Learn what motivates others to give to Biological Sciences.

  • Julia Brown

    Investing in Talent

    "As a society, we have the opportunity to solve the world's greatest problems—from economic to social issues. But we must invest in the talent to create these solutions."
    Julia Brown, supporter and chair, UC San Diego Foundation

  • Haley Hunter-Zinck

    Expanding Students Horizons

    "Conducting research on my own project at a university in Australia … confirmed for me how much I wanted to go into research. I hope that this gift will help more students have the same influential experiences."
    Haley Hunter-Zinck, '09, Alumna

  • Don Yeckel

    Making Discoveries of the Future

    "There is a critical need to support the highest quality young scientists. They will make the discoveries of the future."
    Don Yeckel, chair of the Ray Thomas Edwards Foundation

  • Brittany Jellison, undergraduate

    Supporting Students for the Greater Good

    "There is no better learning than hands-on scientific exploration. Every gift contributes to the greater good, and can have a positive influence on student scholars, the university, our community and the world."
    Wendy Kwok, ’99, Alumna and Attorney

    Wendy Kwok's gift will support Eureka! scholars such as Brittany Jellison, pictured.