Profiles in Giving

Learn what motivates others to give to Biological Sciences.

  • Paul Saltman

    The Saltman Legacy Lives On

    "The university is an organism and an organization which must create an internal environment to optimize three activities: teaching, learning, and service. How trivial these three words appear, yet how profound and complicated it is to carry out those processes effectively…there must be semipermeable membranes that define and limit the environment within the institution.”
    Paul Saltman (1928-1999), distinguished professor of biology

  • David Goeddel

    Funding Fellowships for the Next Generation

    “I truly understand the need for these funds now more than ever and how they can assist our students and faculty. I am pleased to be able to support graduate education at UC San Diego.”
    David Goeddel, ’72, alumnus and biotech leader

  • Peter Farrell

    Buggy Barcodes

    “We have an abiding interest in science and technology. It is not just an ability to name the species, but also to understand their habits, whether they are endangered, whether they are a danger to us, and so forth.”
    Peter Farrell, ResMed founder and chairman of the board

  • John Wehrli

    Supporting the Birth of Ideas

    “We felt that supporting a Ph.D. student was a tangible way to make an impact. Fellowships also help give the university the ability to attract outstanding graduate students.”
    John Wehrli, member of the Biological Sciences Dean’s Leadership Council

  • STEM Academy Local High School Students

    Beckman Coulter Supports STEM Educational Opportunities

    “I’m doing as many college tours I can, but it’s different getting to actually stay at the university. I’ve gained a better understanding of STEM at UC San Diego.”
    Marcus, a senior at James Madison High School

  • Don Yeckel

    Making Discoveries of the Future

    "There is a critical need to support the highest quality young scientists. They will make the discoveries of the future."
    Don Yeckel, chair of the Ray Thomas Edwards Foundation