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2015 UCSD-Salk Retreat

Sunday, Sept 20 - Tuesday, Sept 22

The annual retreat in Lake Arrowhead brings together the UC San Diego Division of Biological Sciences and the Salk Institute researchers, faculty, and grad students to share their work and foster a sense of community.

Register here for the 2015 UCSD-Salk Retreat

Important Notes

Please make sure you receive the email confirming your registration. If you do not, you have not completed the registration process.

First year students can put "Rotation" in the "Advisor" blank on the registration form.

Registration ending very soon!


Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa

27984 Hwy 189, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

Tel: 909-336-1511

Location and Directions

The Lake Arrowhead Resort can accommodate your family members and dogs. Please contact the Resort directly to make arrangements with them. The Division only handles reservations and payments for those registered for the Retreat.  You can pay the Resort a daily fee of $114.63 for a family member to join in the Retreat's buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The Resort will provide lunch and dinner on Sunday, all meals on Monday, and breakfast on Tuesday, as well as a cocktail hour each evening.

Posters and Abstracts

Abstract Submission Deadline: September 14, 2015

Late abstract submissions will not be eligible for poster judging and will not be included in the abstract book. Find out more about abstract guidelines and the poster session.

Retreat Committee Members

  • Emily Troemel, Chair (Section of Cell and Developmental Biology)
  • Scott Rifkin (Section of Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution)
  • Jose Pruneda-Paz (Section of Cell and Developmental Biology)
  • Nan Hao (Section of Molecular Biology)
  • Brenda Bloodgood (Section of Neurobiology)
  • Axel Nimmerjahn (Salk Institute)
  • Jennifer Roth (Head Staff Organizer)
  • Cathy Pugh (staff)
  • Masha Evpak (student representative)
  • Eunice Lau (student representative)
  • Bryan Arias (student representative)
  • Alexandra Bortnick (postdoc representative)
  • Amanda Moore (postdoc representative)

Retreat Speakers


Victor Nizet, Professor of Pediatrics in the UCSD School of Medicine

Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

Valentino Gantz


  • Rachel Dutton (MB)
  • Jim Kadonaga (MB)
  • Kit Pogliano (MB)
  • Mark Estelle (CDB)
  • Amy Kiger (CDB)
  • Justin Meyer (EBE)
  • Scott Rifkin (EBE)
  • Nick Spitzer (Neuro)
  • Jill Leutgeb (Neuro)
  • Diana Hargreaves (Salk)
  • Graham McVicker (Salk)

Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Heather Bell (EBE)
  • Suhong Xu (CDB)
  • Arthur Prindle (MB)
  • Rea Lardelli (MB)
  • Abby Buchwalter (Salk)

Graduate Students:

  • Cali Turner Tomaszewicz (EBE)
  • James Broughton (MB)
  • Keir Balla (CDB)
  • Naina Kurup (Neuro)
  • James Hung (EBE)

List of Registered Attendees (PDF)

Questions? Email Jennifer Roth at jhroth@ucsd.edu