Lecture Series

Each year, the Division of Biological Sciences offers a series of lectures feauturing leading scientists from various fields. These lectures are free and open to the general public.

A Deep Look into the Future of Biology New

This dynamic live-streamed and in-person speaker series is hosted by Dean Kit Pogliano and will take you through four short, impactful presentations followed by a panel discussion. Event topics range from biodiversity to innovations in biotechnology to genetic engineering and more!

Heiligenberg Lectures

The Heiligenberg Lectures recognize the most distinguished research in neuroethology and in identifying how complex behaviors emerge from the activity patterns of neural networks.

Kuffler Lectures

A series of three lectures over three consecutive days: the first lecture provides an overview of the field and is accessible to a general audience familiar with biology; the second lecture offers an in-depth review of the lecturers earlier work; and the third is generally focused on current “hot topics” in neuroscience research.

Profiles in Discovery

UC San Diego's leading biologists give an in-depth career perspective talk in which they provide the context in which they made their seminal discoveries.