Emergency/Evacuation Report Form

To be prepared for an emergency and best manage an evacuation, we recommend you do the following NOW before an emergency situation arises:

  • Keep a few copies of the Emergency Report Form ready on a clip board (include pen) along with a current lab/ office roster.
  • In an emergency evacuation, grab the clip board as you leave the lab and building, closing doors behind you. Look around and make sure everyone evacuates with you. Assist those who need help walking.
  • Assemble at your designated evacuation area. Take a head count. Check off all personnel present. Compare to current roster. Note any absent personnel. Do your best to track them down (call their cell phone (if working)) and look around to see if they may have assembled elsewhere.
  • Record damages observed to your area on the Emergency Report Form.
  • Submit your completed Emergency Report to your Building Safety Contact or the Division’s Safety Office.

The Safety Office will ensure all Emergency Reports get to the Emergency Operations Center and that appropriate aid is dispatched.

Questions? For more information, please contact the Division’s Safety Officer at (858) 534-6432.

Building Safety Contacts

Building Safety Officer
AP&M Annex Shannon Kang
Bonner Hall Jackie Vignes
CNCB Scott Asbach
Muir Biology  Scott Asbach
Scott Asbach
Pac Hall Scott Asbach
Urey Annex Maryam Attari
York Hall Lollie Almazan

Safety Assistance