Unwanted Lab Equipment

Broken Refrigerators and Freezers

EH&S collects units small enough to be carried out with a dolly. Larger units such as -80°C freezers must be sent out via Surplus Sales.

If isotopes were stored in your refrigerator or freezer, please request a radiation decontamination clearance from EH&S before you begin defrosting and decontaminating the unit. This should be your first step.

If your unit shows signs of radiation contamination, follow EH&S's instructions on how to decontaminate and safely prepare the unwanted unit for disposal. All run-off from the melting ice must be collected and tagged as radioactive liquid waste. All paper towels, gloves, etc used in the clean-up process must be tagged as radioactive solid waste.

Small Refrigerators - Disposal via EH&S:

  1. Request radiation decontamination clearance, if applicable
  2. Clean and decontaminate refrigerator. Scrub away visible, dried up spill/chemical remnants with warm soapy water and wipe all surfaces with a freshly made 10% bleach solution.
  3. Green Tag Contact Safety Office to green tag the unit which indicates the unit is hazard free. NOTE: For Division of Biological Sciences Labs ONLY. All others, please contact EH&S for assistance.
  4. Create an EH&S hazardous waste tag and submit a hazardous waste pick-up request using the Online Waste Tag Program

Freezers and Large Refrigerators - Disposal via Surplus Sales:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 3.
  2. To get the Surplus Sales pick-up request in the system and to make adjustments to the faculty’s equipment inventory, please send the Fiscal Office a quick email with the following information:
    • Equipment type
    • Make, model, serial number
    • UCID# (if applicable)
    • Approximate size (this helps Surplus send the right size truck and enough manpower to move it)
    • Working condition (Surplus likes to know if it has resale value or if it is just e-waste)
    • Green tag – yes!
    • Pick-up location (include building and room#, if the room is locked, etc.)
    • Contact person, extension and email of person to be contacted prior to pick up

EH&S recycles reusable materials and disposes of hazardous components appropriately. For more information, contact the EH&S Environmental Management Facility at (858) 534-2753.

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