FAQ: Lab Safety Information

Undergraduate laboratory course policies and procedures differ from lecture courses in terms of enrollment, fees, and safety.  Please carefully read the information below and take action as required.

Who takes the Biology Lab Safety Training and Assessment?

Am I required to take the safety assessment?

Yes, all students (enrolled or waitlisted) in the courses listed must take and receive a passing score on the assessment.

I received lab safety training at another institution, in another subject area (Chemistry or Physics), or via working in a research laboratory. Am I required to take the Lab Safety Training and Lab Safety Assessment?

Yes, all students in the courses listed must take, and pass, the assessment.  Since you've received training previously, you likely have a good grasp of basic lab safety, but you'll need to be well versed in UC San Diego and Biological Sciences rules and policies.

I passed the Lab Safety Assessment in a previous quarter for another Biology lab class. Do I need to take it again?

Yes:  certification is good for one quarter only.  Completion of the Lab Safety Assessment in a prior quarter is not valid for subsequent quarters.

I am enrolled in two Biology lab courses in one quarter and they each require the safety assessment. Do I need to take the assessment twice?

No, only one assessment needs to be taken per quarter.

I am an UC San Diego Extension (Concurrent Enrollment) student and I hope enroll in a Biology lab course. What do I do about the safety assessment?

You will not have access to the on-line Lab Safety Assessment.  You must email biologysafetytraining@ucsd.edu with your name, contact information and intended lab course/quarter so that arrangements can be made for you to take the training and assessment.

I dropped my Biology lab course last quarter and now I am enrolled. I passed the safety assessment then. Do I need to take the assessment again for this quarter?

Yes: if it's been more than one quarter since you were certified, then you must take the assessment again.

I took and passed the UC San Diego Chemistry Safety Exam. Do I have to take the Biology Lab Safety Assessment?


Trouble Taking the Assessment

I am unable to take the Lab Safety Assessment on-line.

Students needing accommodation (such as an alternative format or extra time) due to a documented disability (via AFA form from the Office of Students with Disabilities) must send a detailed email to biologysafetytraining@ucsd.edu as soon as possible.

I'm having trouble accessing the assessment on-line.

I'm really busy before the quarter - can I take the assessment after the quarter begins?

No. The on-line Lab Safety Assessment must be completed prior to the first lab meeting.  There is no grace period for those who skip the on-line assessment. Students who do not take the on-line Lab Safety Assessment before class begins will have their lab space revoked.  It is the students responsibility to drop the course or risk receiving a "W" or non-passing grade in the course.

I don't know if my certification is still valid. I can’t find my certification of completion for the safety assessment.

Students may log back into the Lab Safety Training and Assessment system to access their Training and Assessment history where they can see their last valid assessment.
Questions? If you have questions about Undergraduate Lab Safety Training or the Lab Safety Assessment, please carefully review the information above. There are thousands of students enrolled and waitlisted in biology lab courses each year, so please make sure the question you have can't be answered by reading the information provided. If you do have a question, send a detailed email to biologysafetytraining@ucsd.edu.