Biology: Honors Seminar (BILD 96)

The biology honors seminar for fall will focus on the many ways in which scientific information is communicated. Of course what you think and know is important, but whatever your walk of life - student, research scientist, physician, businessman, professor - if you can't communicate your knowledge and understanding to other people, you cannot succeed. Students will be introduced to some basic principles of scientific writing, graphic design, oral presentation (with and without slides), and other forms of communication. Then, they'll practice these skills in brief assignments and learn how to evaluate the performance of others. The goal of the seminar is to increase students' awareness that how they communicate is a very important aspect of what they communicate. In addition, it is intended to help students become more effective communicators.

Fall 2019 class will meet:
Thursdays 3:00p.m.-4:50p.m. in York Hall 3010
Section ID: 983402
Enrollment restricted to BioScholars students. 

For enrollment information, please email Jaime Estepa at