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Biological Sciences Changemaker

Dean's Leadership Council Provides Link to Community


When Kit Pogliano became Dean of the Division of Biological Sciences, she used her fresh perspective as an opportunity to implement new ways of optimizing long-standing relationships. The Division’s Dean’s Leadership Council has long been an important link between our faculty and the wider community, and Dean Pogliano is now strengthening those relationships so the Division may better benefit from the unique perspectives of Leadership Council members.

“We’re blessed to have such a remarkable vault of wisdom of experience on our Dean’s Leadership Council. Why not leverage this valuable resource – and expand our ways to learn more from them about how our science can do the most good?”

Informed by a series of one-on-one conversations with members, the Dean’s Leadership Council is now a body of true changemakers for the Division, offering counsel, advice, insight on industry trends, guidance on prospective student internship opportunities, direct mentorship of our students, and as a portal to strategic partnerships with groundbreaking companies worldwide. This newly enhanced structure increases the Division’s links to the robust biotechnology industry thriving around UC San Diego.

Newly galvanized, the Dean’s Leadership Council provides the Division of Biological Sciences a gateway to global pathways for change.