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Contiguous BS/MS Program

The contiguous BS/MS program of the School of Biological Sciences serves UCSD Biology majors who are interested in an enhanced education and research experience. The program allows UC San Diego Biology majors and Scripps ESYS-EBE Majors who are seriously engaged in research as undergraduates to continue their research as graduate students, complete a research-based thesis, take graduate-level courses, and acquire a Master's degree in Biology within 1-1.5 years after finishing their undergraduate degree.

The research experience that students acquire in this program makes them more competitive when seeking jobs in the biotech industry and when applying to advanced degree programs (medical, dental, pharmacy schools and PhD programs). For students who are interested in college-level teaching, a Master's degree in Biology opens the doors to pursue teaching careers in Community Colleges.

Directed Research Track

A streamlined program of research-based coursework, allowing students to complete their MS requirements in 3 quarters

Information for Current Undergraduate Students

Eligibility requirements and application deadlines for prospective students

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Requirements for the Master of Science

Program requirements for Directed Research Track students

Program Requirements

Current Undergraduate Students

Information on who is eligible for the BS/MS program and how prospective students can apply.

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Current Masters Students

Information on what is expected in a Master’s thesis, course requirements, and more.

program requirements

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Financial Costs and Support

Information on the costs of the BS/MS program and sources of financial support.

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Current UCSD students: Please submit your questions via the VAC. An advisor will respond in 1-3 business days.
Drop-in Advising times are posted on the Advising Calendar.