Biological Sciences Graduate Course Offerings


Below is a list of graduate courses that are expected to be offered during the 2017-2018 academic year.

For most updated official course offerings and descriptions, see the UC San Diego General Class Catalog.

Please refer to the UCSD Schedule of Classes for official schedules.

How to request a prerequisite/restriction waiver

  1. Submit a prerequisite/restriction waiver request via the UC San Diego Course Pre-Authorization System. *Student User ID/PID and Password/PAC required*
  2. A submission confirmation email will be sent to the student's account.
  3. Once a final decision is made on the prerequisite waiver request, an email will be sent to the student's account.

Important Notes

  • If the prerequisite/restriction waiver request is approved, it is the student's responsibility to add (or waitlist, if full) the course via WebReg. All standard add/drop deadlines apply.
  • Final decision time will vary and is dependent on instructor response time.
  • System availability coincides with the release of the Schedule of Classes for the given quarter and is available until 4:00pm on Friday of the second week of classes.

First year Ph.D. program required courses:

  • BGGN 200 (Graduate School Fundamentals): Fall Quarter
  • BGGN 208 (Biological Sciences Graduate Boot Camp): Fall Quarter
  • BGGN 220 D, E, F (Graduate Molecular Biology sequence): Fall Quarter
  • BGGN 222 (Graduate Cell Biology): Winter Quarter
  • BGGN 223 (Graduate Genetics): Spring Quarter

First year Ph.D. program elective courses:

  • BGGN 203 (Topics in Ecology, Behavior and Evolution): For EBE students - quarter offered varies
  • BGGN 204 (Topics in Conservation): For EBE students - quarter offered varies
  • BGGN 213 (Foundations of Bioinformatics): Fall Quarter
  • BGGN 214 (Introduction to Quantitative Biology): Fall Quarter
  • BGGN 216 (Graduate Biostatistics): Spring Quarter
  • BGGN 225 (Graduate Immunology): Winter Quarter
  • BGGN 227 (Graduate Plant Systems Biology): Winter Quarter
  • BGGN 228 (Graduate Developmental Biology): Winter Quarter
  • BGGN 231 (Current Concepts in Stem Cell Biology): Fall Quarter
  • BGGN 238A (Integrative Microbiology I): Winter Quarter
  • BGGN 238B (Integrative Microbiology II): Spring Quarter
  • BGGN 249A (Basic Neuroscience I): Fall Quarter
  • BGGN 249B (Basic Neuroscience II): Winter Quarter
  • BGGN 249C (Basic Neuroscience III): Spring Quarter

Other graduate course offerings (other than first year course electives):

  • BGGN 201 (Modern Methods in Computational Neuroscience): Spring Quarter
  • BGGN 202 (Professional Development for Biologists): Fall Quarter
  • BGGN 212 (Introduction to Quantitative Evolutionary Biology): Winter Quarter
  • BGGN 232 (Innate Immunity): Spring Quarter
  • BGGN 245 (Advanced Topics in Cancer Research and Therapy): Fall Quarter
  • BGGN 246A (Computational Neurobiology): Winter Quarter
  • BGGN 248 (Molecular Mechanisms of Neural Development): Spring Quarter
  • BGGN 260 (Neurodynamics): Fall Quarter
  • BGGN 264 (Structural Biology of Viruses): Spring Quarter