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2014 UCSD Division of Biological Sciences-Salk Institute Retreat

12:00 PM, Sunday, Sept 28 - 9:00 AM Tuesday, Sept 30, 
UCLA Conference Center at Lake Arrowhead

Keynote Speaker: Kelsey Martin (UCLA)


  • Alan Saghatelian (Salk)
  • Janelle Ayres (Salk)
  • Rick Firtel (CBD)
  • Alisa Huffaker (CDB)
  • Eric Schmelz (CDB)
  • Anton Maximov (Neuro)
  • Elina Zuniga (MB)
  • Stephen Mayfield (MB)
  • Kees Murre (MB)
  • Justin Meyer (EBE)


  • Sattar Taheri (MB)
  • Jintao Liu (MB)
  • Mark Brandon (Neuro)
  • Edmund Hollis (Neuro)
  • Heather Bell (EBE)

Graduate Student

  • Alexa Clemmons (CDB)
  • Spencer Diamond (MB)
  • Anthony Phan (MB)
  • Vanessa Mondol (MB)
  • Shea Gillet (Neuro)
  • Jon Hetzel (Salk)

Find out more or if you have questions, please contact: Jennifer Roth, jhroth@ucsd.edu, (858) 534-2116

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