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New Transfer Student Information Session

Congratulations on your admission to UC San Diego, and welcome to the Division of Biological Sciences!

Transfer students who were admitted into a biology major at time of admission to the university are encouraged to register for an Online Biological Sciences New Transfer Student Information Session.

Online Information Session

The online information session covers items you need to know before you begin your first quarter at UC San Diego. Topics include:

  • Major Requirements
  • Transfer Courses and Equivalency
  • Schedule of Classes
  • Biology Course Offerings
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Enrollment
  • Wait Lists

-While the Online Biological Sciences New Transfer Student information session is not mandatory, participation is highly recommended to assist with your transiton to UC San Diego in the fall.

-If you plan to view the Online Transfer Information Session, you will need to register.

-Once registered, you will receive a confirmation to your UCSD email address with a link to the Online Transfer Information Session videos.

-You must have an active UCSD email address to access the registration system. Please note that it may take 24 to 48 hours after activation for the registration system to recognize your UCSD email account.

Registration for the Transfer Student Information Sessions is now open.

Here is a list of helpful links covered in the Online Transfer Information Session so you do not need to note them as you view each module.

While you can view the Online Transfer Information Session through September 25th, it will be most beneficial if you review all modules prior to the start of enrollment, which will begin August 10th.

Important Dates

Timeline Task
June-July Watch Transfer Information Session videos before enrollment begins (videos are available from June 15-September 25).
July 1 Postmark your transcripts and test scores (e.g. AP or IB test scores) by this date so that your coursework is posted in time for enrollment. You may not be able to enroll in certain courses or get accurate course recommendations if you have not submitted your transcripts and test scores by this date.
July 27 Go to TritonLink to obtain your Fall quarter enrollment time.
July 31 Colleges will release course recommendations within the Virtual Advising Center (VAC), under Course Recommendations.  These will be suggestions for General Education or University course requirements.  Not all colleges provide course recommendations.  If you do not have a Course Recommendations section in the VAC, your college has detailed your GE/University requirements in the New Triton Advising Site.  Those GE/University requirements can be taken anytime as long as they are completed by time of graduation.  If you have questions about general education or university requirements, please reach out to your college via the Ask a Question tab in the VAC.
August 7 You will receive major course recommendations from Biology via the Virtual Advising Center (VAC), under Contact Record.  If you submitted transcripts on-time, all of your transfer coursework should be posted by this date.  Review your academic history for discrepancies.
August 10 Transfer student enrollment begins. You will want to enroll in courses once your appointment time begins.
October 1 Fall quarter instruction begins at UC San Diego.