2017 Heiligenberg Lecture

Heiligenberg Lecture 2017

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Eric I. Knudsen, Ph.D.

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

Leichtag Auditorium

The lectures are open to the public. No RSVP required.

Eric Knudsen


Eric I. Knudsen, Ph.D
Edward C. and Amy H. Sewall Professor, Emeritus Professor of Neurobiology
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford Neurosciences Institute
National Academy of Sciences

How the Brain Decides What to Think About Next: Neural Mechanisms of Attention in Birds

Dr. Knudsen has over many decades made seminal contributions to the field of neuroethology through his research on information processing in the auditory system, using birds as a model organism. He is known for his groundbreaking discovery of an auditory map of space in the midbrain of the barn owl and has made major advances in describing how experience influences the biochemical, anatomical, and functional mechanisms of learning and attention. Through a combination of electrophysiology, behavior, neuropharmacology, and anatomical analyses his research group continues to explore computational principles that result in the representation and integration of visual and auditory information in neural networks of the developing and adult brain.

Dr. Knudsen is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the prestigious Karl Spencer Lashley Award and the Peter Gruber Prize in Neuroscience. He is an engaging and dynamic speaker, and we hope that you can join us for this special event.


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The Heiligenberg Lectures are sponsored by a gift in honor of Walter Heiligenberg to the Division of Biological Sciences.