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Division Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to use Biology Vehicles?

  • Paid  Employees – Academic, Staff and  Student
  • MS / PhD Students, with or without paid employment, but who have paid fees for the quarter in question (or for summer, having paid fees the previous spring quarter)
  • Must have valid California Driver's License

Who is not eligible to us Biology Vehicles?

  • Undergraduate students who do not have paid employment in a Biology unit or lab.
  • Undergraduate Students enrolled in research courses (BISP 199, 196, etc.)
  • Staff Volunteers
  • Visiting Scholars 
  • People without a valid California Driver's License

How do I obtain authorization to use Biology Vehicles?

How do I get the key to the vehicle I want to use?

The vehicle key (located in 1125 M2B for the truck and 2150 Bonner for the van) are located within a special kiosk. Each kiosk has an electronic card reader lock which is keyed to your employee or student ID card.  Swipe your ID card to unlock and fill out the log sheet.

How and where do I fill the vehicle with gas?

What happens if my driver’s license expires?

The Vehicle Use system will know when your driver’s license expires and will suspend your authorization. Your employee or student ID card will no longer work in the kiosk card reader.

Once your license is renewed, take it to room 1241 Bonner Hall to have your authorization reinstated.

What happens if my employment ends?

The Vehicle Use system will know when you separate from the Division and will inactivate your authorization. Your employee ID card will no longer work in the kiosk card reader.

What happens if I’m a MS or PhD student and I take a quarter off?

If you are authorized as a vehicle user based on your MS or PhD student status, and you take a quarter leave (i.e. don’t pay fees), the Vehicle Use system will suspend your authorization. Your student ID card will not work in the kiosk card reader. Your authorization will be reinstated when you are back on student status.

May I use another card with a magnetic strip to access the key kiosk in lieu of using my UCSD ID card?

No, we will only encode your UCSD ID.

What are the implications of the vehicles now being equipped with GPS tracking?

GPS tracking data will be downloaded from each vehicle on a regular basis and compared to log data or information we have about known sites of off-campus business. If your GPS data indicates usage which appears to be inconsistent with Divisional policy regarding vehicle use, we will contact you for more information. If it is determined that the vehicle was used in a manner or purpose not aligned with the policy, your access will be immediately and permanently terminated.

Oh no! I’ve had an accident. What do I do now?

You should inspect the vehicle each time you use it, noting any dings or dents. Please report your findings to

In the unfortunate case where you have an accident, please treat the situation as you would for your personal vehicle: note the day/date/time, take pictures if you can, get the license and insurance information of the other driver (if your accident involves another driver), get a police report if you can, and last but not least, please report the incident to Trevor Thiessen at (858) 245-5068 and email, as soon as possible.

Oh no! I’ve run out of gas? What do I do now?

Since we hope that all drivers will check the fuel level before they drive the vehicle, and that all drivers fill the vehicle to the required level when they’re done, this should never happen to you. But, if it does happen to you, please contact Trevor Thiessen (858-534-2449 office or 858-245-5068 cell AND email . Your sponsoring operational unit will be billed $89.00 / hour for the assistance.