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Applying for Positions

Ladder Rank Faculty and Lecturer with Security of Employment Series

All tenure track and Lecturer with Security of Employment series positions appear in the UCSD School of Biological Sciences Academic Job Opportunities Bulletin. The School of Biological Sciences only accepts applications via the secure Academic Personnel online job application system, APOL Recruit. The system allows applicants to apply for positions electronically, upload application materials as needed and check the status of their application. Inquiries for the hiring department or requests for general technical support may be emailed directly from the system. The system is relatively intuitive, but the following is a brief guide aimed at helping you navigate getting started.

The search committee urges applicants to review the complete section of “My Files” for information before starting the application process.

If you are a first-time applicant, you must set-up an “ApplicantID” in APOL Recruit (select Applicants from the three visible options) where you will establish your “ApplicantID” by creating a username and password. You will also be required to provide (1) contact information; (2) degree and employment information (please include your post-doc information here, e.g., where you did your postdoctoral work and with whom); and (3) your curriculum vitae (see below).

Overview of APOL Recruit Data Input Areas and Controls

Once your initial information has been entered as an applicant, My Dashboard serves as your home base to enter and access the following data input areas:
My Information, My Files, My References and the Diversity Survey. My Dashboard also provides information about the status of your application and the position. A complete application must contain information in every one of the following specific data input areas:

  1. My Information
    Information provided in the CreateApplicantID step comprises the My Information file.

  2. My References
    This section lists the requirements for references and their status of submission.

  3. Diversity Survey
    Information on the gender and ethnicity of applicants is requested. This information is used only for statistical purposes to meet federal requirements. Departmental personnel and selection committee never have access to these data and the information is not considered in the review and assessment of applications.

  4. My Files (Files you are expected to upload)
    This section lists all the required application materials (except letters of reference, which will be uploaded directly by referees) and their status of submission. Only complete applications will be assured consideration.

Applications will be considered complete when each of the following documents is uploaded:

Cover letter

A brief introduction of yourself, very briefly highlighting your research accomplishments, and stating your specific area of expertise for the position to which you are applying.

Curriculum Vitae

A complete CV including your educational background, research and training experiences (including names and institution of PhD and postdoctoral advisors and/or name of supervisor if position were not academic), instructional activities you have engaged in, funding successes, and any previous faculty or industry positions you may have held.

Contact Information for 3-5 references

The names of 3-5 references with each individual’s title/position and your relationship to each (e.g. thesis advisor). Please also provide the mailing address, e-mail address, and telephone number for each referee listed.

Statement of Research

A statement detailing your scholarly accomplishments, their relevance to your discipline, and your plans for future research.

3-5 publications

The software has a size limit of 10 MB for each document.

Statement of Teaching

Please provide a statement of your teaching experience and your teaching philosophy. In this statement, you should discuss:

  1. Summary of teaching responsibilities, if you have taught previously
  2. Brief discussion of teaching philosophy
  3. Any key teaching methods, strategies, objectives you have utilized or would plan to utilize
  4. Brief discussion of teaching goals

If you are applying to a teaching professor position, you will also be asked to provide:

  1. Prior teaching evaluations
  2. Summary of your experience and training in the specific subject area of the search

Statement of Leadership in Equity and Diversity

Please include a statement describing your past experiences and leadership in equity, diversity and inclusion, and/or your potential to making future contributions. This may include experiences you have in teaching, mentoring, service, research, or personal life experiences that would allow you to contribute to and provide leadership in our efforts to build an equitable and diverse scholarly environment. You may frame your comments referencing any of the following types of experiences, skills, and knowledge:

  • Your understanding of the barriers facing women and people of color in higher education.
  • Service activities you have engaged in geared toward increasing the participation of individuals from groups historically underrepresented in your discipline.
  • Programs you have created or contributed to aimed to increase the access and success of underrepresented minority or women students or faculty in your discipline.
  • How multicultural issues have been or will be brought into courses.
  • Previous activities mentoring women or members of underrepresented groups.
  • Any life experiences that have provided you with a background that would contribute to you helping build an equitable and diverse scholarly environment at UCSD.
  • Statement of your commitment to working with diverse student and community populations.
  • The University is committed to building a culturally diverse educational environment. Please elaborate on how you will further this goal.

Please view three sample diversity statements from recently hired faculty in the Division:

We encourage you to read more about the Division's commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.