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Lecturer Directory

This list includes contact information for current lecturers in the Division. To find Biology faculty members, visit the Faculty Directory.

Name Title Contact
Bozinovic Goran Bozinovic Lecturer H&SS 1145G gbozinovic@ucsd.edu 858-534-1935
Burg Michael Burg Lecturer H&SS 1145LB mburg@ucsd.edu 858-246-0965
Day Christopher Day Lecturer H&SS 1145LA cdday@ucsd.edu 858-246-0751
Grossman Emily Grossman Lecturer H&SS 1145C egrossman@ucsd.edu 858-246-0752
Gustafson-Brown Cynthia Gustafson-Brown Lecturer H&SS 1145E cgustafs@ucsd.edu 858-534-4242
Herndon Jenny Herndon Lecturer H&SS 1145C jherndon@ucsd.edu 858-246-0752
Miller Steven Miller Lecturer Bonner Hall 4121 swmiller@ucsd.edu 858-534-6473
Pirino Giorgia Pirino Lecturer H&SS 1145F gpirino@ucsd.edu 858-534-3463
Reuther Keefe Reuther Lecturer H&SS 1145D kdreuther@ucsd.edu 858-246-0753
Reyes Gonzalez Catalina Reyes Gonzalez Lecturer H&SS 1145F creyesgonzalez@ucsd.edu 858-534-3463
Soowal Gocal Lara Soowal Gocal Lecturer H&SS 1145-I lsoowal@ucsd.edu 858-534-8644
Teodorof-Diedrich Carmen Teodorof-Diedrich Lecturer SCRB/SOM 435 cteodorof@ucsd.edu 858-534-8722