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Admission to the University of California, San Diego

Students who are interested in pursuing a major within the Division of Biological Sciences must first be admitted to the University of California, San Diego. Prospective students who are interested in applying to the University of California, San Diego should visit the UC San Diego Admissions website to review eligibility and admission requirements. All questions related to university admission should be directed to UC San Diego Admissions.

Admission to a Biology Major within the Division of Biological Sciences

The number of Biological Sciences majors at UC San Diego has increased dramatically over the past few years. Although the Division has taken many steps to accommodate this growth while maintaining educational quality, the student population has reached the limit of current and projected capacity. Effective Fall 2016, all Biological Sciences majors will be capped to restrain continued growth in the number of Biological Sciences majors. This will allow the Division to continue to offer the highest quality academic program to our students, and avoid delays in time to degree due to lack of capacity in our laboratory and lecture courses.

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Transfer Major Preparation

Transfer Major Preparation will be required beginning in Fall 2017 and is being implemented in an attempt to ensure academic preparedness, success, and timely graduation. Transfer Major Preparation will impact any transfer student admitted Fall 2017 or later who is hoping to declare a biology major.

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