Advising Services

Academic advising is a process designed to facilitate student development and communicate information regarding degree programs, courses, resources, and departmental policies/procedures to help students attain their educational goals. The academic advising process helps students to:

  • understand policies and procedures, curricular options, and academic program requirements
  • define and outline their educational objectives
  • plan programs that incorporate their interests, abilities, and goals
  • take full advantage of the facilities and resources available at UC San Diego


Pacific Hall 1128

Advising Options

Walk-In Sessions: Fast 15

15-minute walk-in sessions, available throughout the quarter (please see the schedule below), to help with simple questions such as:

  • degree audit check and correction
  • current quarter planning and scheduling
  • picking classes for the next quarter
  • academic form review (i.e., Readmit, study abroad, FAO, VA, double major, Max Unit)
Note: The last sign-in for a morning session will be 11 a.m.; last sign-in for an afternoon session will be 3 p.m.
These times are subject to change.

Scheduled Appointments

30-minute appointments to address more involved questions, such as:

  • long-term academic plan
  • options for majors
  • questions and referrals to other campus resources

How To Schedule

Call our office at (858) 534-0557 during our business hours ( Monday-Friday  8am-12pm &  1pm-4:30pm,  closed  Tuesdays 8am-1pm).

Students are scheduled an appointment with an available advisor; no advisor-specific appointments will be given.  

Appointment Policies

  • Appointments must be scheduled in advance. 
  • Appointments are available for declared Biology majors only.  Non-majors may use Walk-In or Virtual Advising Center to address questions related to Biology.
  • If you are more than 10 minutes late, we will need to reschedule your appointment.
  • The last appointment of the morning is 11-11:30 a.m. and afternoon is 3-3:30 p.m.
  • Appointments are not available during Weeks 0-2, finals week and summer, winter, or spring breaks.

Virtual Advising Center (VAC)

Current students can submit a brief question 24-hours a day through the Virtual Advising Center. An advisor will respond within 72 business hours (and often sooner). 

Note : Response times may exceed three working days during enrollment periods and/or observed campus closure.

Information Sessions and Workshops

Infosessions and workshops are designed to introduce and expose students to academic and cocurricular services and programs vital to their success.

Topics include:

  • Academics
  • Graduate/Professional School
  • Study Abroad
  • Career Options
  • Student Development
  • Research

Biology information sessions and workshops are scheduled throughout the year. Check the  info sessions page for dates.

Note Not available during summer, winter, or spring breaks.

Advising Schedule

Communication Protocol

The official methods of communication used at UC San Diego by the Division of Biological Sciences and your college are email communication via a students’ UC San Diego email account and the Virtual Advising Center (VAC).

Due to privacy regulations, the advisors will communicate solely through the VAC or your UC San Diego email account. While some inquiries may be resolved through email correspondence, most situations benefit from face-to-face interaction, so please select the most appropriate form of communication to address your inquires.


Current UCSD students: Please submit your questions via the VAC. An advisor will respond in 1-3 business days.

Non-UCSD students: Email us at