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Safety Training

State law and university regulations require that all students and employees working in our laboratories be given safety training and that faculty document that such training was completed.

Environmental Health and Safety conducts these mandatory training sessions. Additional types of training may be required depending on the kind of work you will be doing. Speak to the safety contact person in the laboratory where you will be working to find out the specifics.

You must take care to complete the required training checklist and then give it to the head or safety contact person in the lab where you will be working where it will be kept on file.

Students working in a lab must discuss safety training as part of the application process. The faculty acknowledges when signing the Research Plan that they have discussed safety training with the student, that the student has or will complete the training within the allowable time, and that the appropriate records are kept of the student's training.

Undergraduate Lab Course Safety Training

There are separate requirements for undergraduate lab course safety training, including an online training and assessment that MUST be completed and passed BEFORE the first lab meeting. See Lab Course Information for more details and the link to the assessment.