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Reservation Guidelines for Fred Kavli Auditorium and Tata Hall Terrace

Usage of the Kavli Auditorium and Tata Terrace is permitted for individuals/groups with a direct affiliation in the Schools of Biological Sciences or Physical Sciences.

Fred Kavli Auditorium

  • Reservations are made only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday between 7:00 am - 6:00 pm. Make sure you schedule all necessary set-up and breakdown time for your event.
  • The Kavli Auditorium has 175 seats total and 9 rows of seats. Reservations are approved only for group sizes that are appropriate for the Auditorium.
  • Technical support for Audio Visual equipment must be provided by the user. The Kavli Auditorium is equipped with a podium with a PC, keyboard, and mouse, HDMI and VGA connection for laptops, and wireless microphones. A User Guide is available at the podium.
    • Tips: Prior to the start of your event, please read the User Guide available at the podium, review options on touchscreen, do a full sound and audio check, and if you are connecting to a laptop, make sure you know how to choose the correct projecting option on your laptop (i.e. duplicate, extend, etc.).
    • If you are affiliated with the School of Biological Sciences and are hosting a hybrid event, please refer to the Hybrid Events in Biological Sciences guide.
    • For questions about the AV in the auditorium or if any AV equipment is not working, please contact the Bio Help Desk at 858-534-6355 or
  • The Kavli Auditorium and exterior building doors will be unlocked/locked remotely at the scheduled reservation time. Do not prop doors open.
  • Food is NOT permitted in the Kavli Auditorium.
  • All individuals using the Kavli Auditorium are expected to clean up after themselves. This would include:
    • Turning off projector and lights
    • Disposing all trash into trash bins
    • Erasing anything drawn on whiteboard
    • Retracting auditorium projector screen back into the ceiling via the switch located left of the whiteboards
    • Removing any signage that was posted for your event
    • Making sure doors are completed shut for your event
    • Generally leaving the space in an orderly condition suitable for the next event

Tata Hall Terrace

  • Room usage hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Make sure you schedule all necessary set-up and breakdown time for your event.
  • The Tata Hall Terrace has 6 tables, 27 chairs, and 2 side tables.
  • Additional furniture, tables, chairs, trash cans, lighting, etc. are not provided by BioSci for Terrace reservations. Users will need to rent these items from an outside company (i.e.; Classic Party Rentals, Raphael’s) - see campus resources below.
  • All individuals using Tata Hall Terrace are expected to clean up after themselves. This would include:
    • Making sure to dispose of all trash and leftover food into trash cans after your event.
    • Removing any signage that was posted for your event.
    • If tables/furniture were rented for the terrace, ensure the terrace is left the way it was found and all furniture is picked up.

Reservation Process

  • A Project-Task Number must be provided at the time of booking in the event that there are damages to the room and/or clean-up is required.
  • Reservations may be requested up to 6 months in advance.
  • Select Biological Sciences staff may request to reserve in the Web Applications "Toolbox" (login required)
  • All other Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences affiliates:
    • Visit the Biology room reservations page to view availablity for Kavli Auditorium and terrace.
    • Email with the following details.
      • Space requested (Kavli Auditorium only; Terrace only; Or Both Auditorium and Terrace).
      • Event Date
      • Start/End time (make sure to include any setup or cleanup time):
      • Event Title:
      • Requester First and Last Name:
      • Requester Email:
      • Requester Phone Number:
      • Approx. Number of People:
      • PI/Lab Name:
      • Project Code:
      • Task Code:
      • Event Description:
    • Event space is limited and demand is high, which necessitates placing some limitations; Requests will be considered on an individual basis taking into account concurrent activities, availability, nature of request and resulting inconvenience to other departments and individuals.
    • Requesting individuals/groups should notify immediately of any cancellations so that the auditorium and terrace may be made available to others.
    • Please note: The staff managing the email account is only responsible for confirming reservation and for alerting the WAMS team to open/close the doors to the auditorium/building. Users are responsible for AV, cleanup, setup, staffing needs, etc. The Bio Help Desk (858-534-6355 or can assist with questions about AV or any malfunctioning AV equipment in the auditorium but onsite technical support must be provided by the user. See campus resources below for additional support, if needed.

Campus Resources for Events: