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Resources for Presenters

The Division does not have internal resources for creating promotional materials for lectures and events. Here are several on-campus services that can assist with creating promotional items such as flyers, posters, invitations, etc.

A.S. Graphics Studio

Located in Price Center, A.S. Graphic Studio designs everything from posters and flyers, to brochures and banners.


As UC San Diego's on-campus print & copy service, Imprints is convenient for printing posters, flyers, or banners. You can design them yourself, order them online, and have them delivered to you or pick them up. Imprints also provides design services, so you can hand the entire project to them to take care of.

Virtual Computing Labs

ACMS's virtual computing labs provide popular University-licensed software remotely on your own iPad or personal computer, from anywhere with a broadband internet connection. These resources are available to all undergraduates, but faculty and staff can also apply for access for instructional and classroom support.

Publicize on Campus

For more tips and resources for marketing and advertising on campus, check out How to Publicize on Campus from the UC San Diego Marketing Council.