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Seminar and Lecture Series

These seminar and lecture series are hosted or sponsored by the School of Biological Sciences. Additional information is available by following each of the heading links.

Joint BioSci-CMM Seminar Program

The UCSD School of Biological Sciences hosts a weekly seminar series in collaboration with the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. The seminar series covers cutting edge biological research from world-renowned speakers on topics ranging from plant biology to translational medicine.

The Diversity and Science Lecture Series

DASL is a new platform built by UC San Diego life science trainees to recognize the outstanding work by scientists from underrepresented and disadvantaged backgrounds. Our goal is to empower trainees to become leaders in their fields and prove that the best environment for cutting edge research is an equitable and inclusive one.

Young Investigators Seminar Program

The goal of the Young Investigators Seminar Program is to host outstanding young scientists who have also made outstanding contributions to diversity and equal opportunity.

Science of Teaching

The goal of these seminars is to inform our current and future faculty about effective, evidence-based education methods and best teaching practices in our own division and in other departments, divisions, and institutions. The times and days of the seminars will vary.

Research Communications Program

UC San Diego’s Research Communications program draws on scholarship in the sciences, science communication, science education, the arts and other fields to provide the guiding theoretical perspective and the practical experience that is critical to communicating effectively with a wide range of audiences, including those with questions or concerns about the methods, findings or implications of scientific research.

Deep Look Public Speaker Series

The Deep Look Public Speaker Series is an event series showcasing short, impactful presentations around research, current events and discoveries.

Heiligenberg Lectures

The Heiligenberg Lectures recognize the most distinguished research in neuroethology and in identifying how complex behaviors emerge from the activity patterns of neural networks.

Kuffler Lectures

A series of three lectures over three consecutive days: the first lecture provides an overview of the field and is accessible to a general audience familiar with biology; the second lecture offers an in-depth review of the lecturers earlier work; and the third is generally focused on current “hot topics” in neuroscience research.