Faculty Advisors for Biology Majors 2019-20

Faculty advisors are subject-matter experts within their academic discipline (divided by major below). They can offer general guidance on areas such as individual academic and professional goals, or relevance of course content to a particular interest area within the major. For those students who are pursuing new areas of inquiry and study, faculty advisors act as mentors. In this role they encourage and guide students to participate in unique opportunities and can suggest coursework that will enrich the undergraduate experience. For those seeking general career advice related to academic interests, educational goals, and professional ambitions, please reach out to your faculty advisor.

If you have questions related to your major requirements, course prerequisites, divisional programs, or divisional/university policies, please contact a staff advisor within Student Advising Services.

Category Advisor Contact
Director of Undergraduate Education Laurie Smith lgsmith@ucsd.edu
5135 Muir Biology Bldg.
Biochemistry/Cell Biology Jose Pruneda-Paz jprunedapaz@ucsd.edu
3214 Muir Biology Bldg.
Bioinformatics Barry Grant bjgrant@ucsd.edu
4070A York Hall
Ecology, Behavior & Evolution Joshua Kohn jkohn@ucsd.edu
1113 Muir Biology Bldg.
General Biology Stefan Leutgeb sleutgeb@ucsd.edu
3225A Pacific Hall
Human Biology Heidi Cook-Andersen hcookandersen@ucsd.edu
4002 Stem Cell Bldg/SCRM
Microbiology Eric Allen eallen@ucsd.edu
4170 Hubbs Hall (SIO)
Molecular Biology Cornelis (Kees) Murre cmurre@ucsd.edu
5113 NSB
Molecular and Cell Biology Jose Pruneda-Paz jprunedapaz@ucsd.edu
3214 Muir Biology Bldg.
Neurobiology Ashley Juavinett ajuavinett@ucsd.edu
4070C York Hall
Physiology/Neuroscience Stefan Leutgeb sleutgeb@ucsd.edu
3225A Pacific Hall
Honors Thesis Chair Elina Zuniga eizuniga@ucsd.edu
3106 Bonner Hall
Honors Thesis Advisor Lin Chao lchao@ucsd.edu
2254 Muir Biology Bldg.
Honors Thesis Advisor Pamela Reinagel preinagel@ucsd.edu
3100A Pacific Hall
Honors Thesis Advisor Eric Schmelz


3251 Muir Biology Bldg.