Student and Instructional Services

The Student and Instructional Services Office provides advising services to students as well as instruction-based support services to faculty.

Undergraduate Contact

Phone: (858) 534-0557
Non-UCSD students:
Current UCSD students: Virtual Advising Center
do/bio Center
Instructional Assistants:

Graduate Contact

PhD Program: (858) 534-0181
PhD Admissions: (858) 534-7396
Prospective & Current MS students: (858) 534-8983 Virtual Advising Center
Instructional Assistants:


8:00am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-4:30pm

Tuesdays 8:00am-1:00pm


Pacific Hall, First Floor
Undergraduate (south side)
Graduate (north side)

Mailing Address

University of California, San Diego
Division of Biological Sciences
9500 Gilman Drive #0348
La Jolla, CA 92093-0348



Dana Brehm
Director, Student and Instructional Services
Oversight of the Student and Instructional Services (SIS) unit of the Biological Sciences Administrative Core: including both undergraduate and graduate advising services, instructional services, admission and recruitment, the instructional assistant program and the Center for Discovering Opportunities in Biology (do/bio).

Instructional Assistant Program

Natalie Noles
Instructional Analyst
Oversight and administration of the Instructional Assistant program. Coordinates student data analysis and reporting for the Division.
Kathryn Gorman
IA Program & Staffing Coordinator
Administrative coordination of the Instructional Assistant program: GIA, TA, Tutor, UGIA, Reader.

Graduate Program (Ph.D. & M.S.)

Suzi Harlow
Manager, Graduate Student & Instructional Services
Daily operation, administration and management of graduate student and instructional services.
Melody Bazyar
Ph.D. Program Coordinator
Ph.D. student advising, Ph.D. thesis committees/defense, evaluations, first year rotations, graduate curriculum, student progress tracking.
Jeannette Fox
B.S./M.S. Coordinator
B.S./M.S. program advising, M.S. admissions, evaluation and progress tracking, M.S. student event organization.
Trevor Guidinger
Ph.D. Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator
Ph.D. recruitment and admissions, application inquiries and tracking, admissions analysis, participant in external outreach and recruitment events.

Graduate Financial Support

Lien Ngo
Financial Analyst
Graduate student support planning and analysis, student and faculty financial advising, training grant coordination.
Donna Aizuss
Financial Assistant
Graduate student support processing, student financial advising, graduate student travel, verification letters/forms.

Undergraduate Advising Services

Laura Majoch
Manager, Undergraduate Advising
Daily operation, administration, and management of the advising unit.
Vanesa de Boer
Undergraduate advising. Special area of oversight: Phage Genomics Program.
Katie Liakos
Undergraduate advising. Special area of oversight: Major/Minor Tool Administration.
Camille Sta Elena
Undergraduate advising. Special area of oversight: Honors Thesis Program (BISP 196).
Evan Tucker
Undergraduate advising. Special area of oversight: Transfer Information Sessions.
Julie Vitale
Undergraduate advising. Special area of oversight: Capped Major Application administration.

Instructional Services and Student Enrichment

Matthew Haack
Manager, Instructional Services
Daily operation, administration, and management of the instructional unit.
Cara Esgro
Instructional Scheduling Coordinator
Responsible for undergraduate and graduate course scheduling and related processes.
Lindsay Ward
Student & Instructional Programs Advisor
Responsible for coordination of accommodation for students with disabilities. Undergraduate advising. Administrative lead for academic research for credit courses.
Megan Varela
Student Services Advisor
Front desk/intake advising. Provide general administrative support to the Student Services unit. Specialized advising duties and participation in student engagement administration.

Student Engagement Opportunities in Biological Sciences

Jaime Estepa
Student Engagement Coordinator
Support student career exploration and participation in activities such as research, internships, alumni networking, study abroad, and advising for Biological Sciences student organizations.