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Capped Major

All Biological Sciences majors were capped to restrain continued growth in the number of students pursuing these majors. This allows the Division of Biological Sciences to continue to offer the highest quality academic program to our students, and avoid delays in time to degree due to lack of capacity in our laboratory and lecture courses.

Students planning to declare a biology major should be aware of specific screening criteria to be considered for admission into a biology major. Admission criteria can vary each year and will apply to all students regardless of admit year.

Important Note:

Transfer students must be admitted to a biology major at time of admission to UC San Diego in order to pursue a major within the Division of Biological Sciences. Transfer students admitted to UC San Diego in a non-Biology major are not eligible to declare a biology major as a primary or secondary (double) major after matriculation to UC San Diego.

Criteria for Admission

Current Biology Majors

The capped status does not affect current Biology majors.  Biology majors may switch among available biology majors based on the term of admission to UC San Diego. Change of major requests can be submitted via the Major and Minor tool on TritonLink.  Please note, it may take a few business days for your request to be approved and for your record to be updated.

Non-Biology Majors

Non-biology majors who entered UC San Diego as freshmen may be eligible to apply for admission into a biology major.  Please note that available biology majors will vary based on the term of admission to UC San Diego.

Consideration of non-biology majors for admission into a biology major is based on the Capped Major Admission requirements until the numerical limit is reached.  To be considered for admission into a biology major, students must  satisfy all criteria listed below.

Capped Major Admission Courses:

  • BILD 1 and 3
  • CHEM 6A, 6B, 6C, and 7L
  • MATH 10A or 20A and MATH 10B or 20B

Additional Criteria and Information:

  1. Complete all Capped Major Admission coursework, including transfer courses, with a “C-“ or higher, or with AP/IB/A-Level UC San Diego equivalent course credit.
    For capped major admission coursework taken SP20 only, the Division will allow P grades. Note, P grades do not impact the required minimum GPA for admission. Students should reference FAQs to determine which grading option will be best for their particular situation.  Students should consult Biology advising through the VAC if they have questions.
    Earn a minimum 2.5 GPA in the Capped Major Admission courses.  Only Capped Major Admission courses taken at a UC with a letter grade will be factored into the screening GPA.
  2. Apply, using the online application below, within the first 6 quarters at UC San Diego, during an active application cycle.  Do not use Tritonlink to request a change of major.
  3. Submit your application once the application opens.  Day and time of application submission will be considered when making admission offers.
  4. Current quarter grades will be taken into consideration for the applicable application cycle (e.g. fall grades will be considered for the fall application).
  5. Applications will be reviewed after term grades are finalized (Thursday after Finals Week).  Once all applications have been reviewed, applicants will be notified.
  6. Students are expected to be aware of relevant timelines and deadlines, and to check their email account regularly.  If offered admission, failure to take action by the specified date and time will result in a declined offer.
Satisfying Capped Major Admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

Capped Major Admission Application and Filing Deadlines

Double Majors

Current Biology Majors

Biology majors planning to add a non-biology major as a second major can bring their completed Double Major Petition form to Pacific Hall 1128 during walk-in advising to obtain department signature.

Non-Biology Majors

Non-biology students who entered UC San Diego as freshmen planning to double major with a biology and a non-biology major must first apply through the Capped Major Application process.  If the student is admitted into a biology major, they then must add the secondary non-biology major through the Double Major Petition process

Note if your non-biology major is capped, before accepting an offer for admission into Biology, speak to your current major department regarding implications of dropping your major as a result of attempting to declare two capped majors.

Please refer to the Non-Biology Majors drawer above for a complete listing of Capped Major Admission criteria, application, and deadlines.

150+ Units Completed

If you have 150 or more units completed, in addition to the capped major application, you will need to submit a quarter-by-quarter plan in order to be considered for admission. You should submit your application before submitting your quarter by quarter plan.  The quarter-by-quarter plan will be evaluated by both the capped major department and your college to ensure satisfactory time to degree. After submitting your application, download and complete the quarter-by-quarter plan and submit it to no later than the capped major application deadline for the quarter you are requesting admission. If your quarter-by-quarter plan is not received by the stated deadline, your capped major application will be considered incomplete and will be automatically denied.

Incoming/Newly Admitted Freshmen

After arriving to UCSD, and enrolled in courses, students who enter UCSD as freshmen may attempt to apply for admission via the capped major application process during an open application cycle.  Students who apply prior to matriculation to UCSD will not be considered for admission.

Admission Statistics

In 2017-18, 2018-19, and 2019-20 the Division received an average of 100 applications per quarterly cycle and was able to offer admission to all applicants who met Capped Major admission criteria.  While students can use this information to estimate chances of being admitted, meeting all eligibility criteria does not guarantee admission.  Admission outcomes (e.g. the number of applicants, available seats, etc.) can change each quarterly application cycle.

Criteria to be considered for admission into a biology major for future academic years is subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions about Capped Major, please carefully review frequently asked questions.