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Summer Session Teaching

The School of Biological Sciences at UC San Diego is a vibrant center of scientific discovery, innovation, and collaboration. Teaching courses during Summer Session allows for continuous student progress and exploration. Each year, more than 14,000 students enroll in summer to accelerate their time to degree and enrich their student experience.

Biological Sciences invites you to consider teaching during Summer Session. In general, classes are taught during short 5-week sessions. You can teach one, or multiple classes.

Applications are being accepted for the Summer Session Instructor Pool on a rolling basis. Please note, there are campus deadlines to submit proposed courses so the bulk of applications move through as a cohort. There may be opportunities to fill gaps or propose courses after a deadline, so all are encouraged to apply.

Application Link (login required)


  • Completed applications will be reviewed by the Biological Sciences' Education Committee early November.
  • Applicants will be notified if the application is forwarded to Summer Session for final approval in mid-November.
  • Summer session notifies BioSci of approved courses/instructors in December.
  • Course scheduling and other administrative processes will occur in January.

Summer Session 2023 Dates

Summer Session 1: July 3 - August 5

Summer Session 2: August 7 - September 9

Additional details can be found in the most recent UC San Diego Summer Session Guidebook.

Biology Courses

Special attention is drawn to the courses listed below as these are core undergraduate courses that many students are required to complete. However, you may propose any undergraduate Biological Sciences course that is listed in the General Catalog.

Lecture Courses

  • BILD 1 (The Cell)
  • BILD 2 (Multicellular Life)
  • BILD 3 (Organismic and Evolutionary Biology)
  • BIBC 100 (Structural Biochemistry)
  • BIBC 102 (Metabolic Biochemistry)
  • BICD 100 (Genetics)
  • BICD 110 (Cell Biology)
  • BIEB 102 (Introductory Ecology-Organisms and Habitat)
  • BIEB 150 (Evolution)
  • BIMM 100 (Molecular Biology)
  • BIMM 110 (Molecular Basis of Human Disease)
  • BIMM 120 (Microbiology)
  • BIPN 100 (Human Physiology I)
  • BIPN 102 (Human Physiology II)
  • BIPN 140 (Cellular Neurobiology)
  • BI** 194 (Advanced Topics) see below for details
*All courses listed are 4-units except BI** 194

Lab Courses

  • BILD 4 (Introductory Biology Lab) 2-units
  • BIBC 103 (Biochemical Techniques Lab)
  • BIEB 121 (Ecology Lab)
  • BIMM 101 (Recombinant DNA Lab)
  • BIMM 143 (Bioinformatics Lab)
*All courses listed are 4-units except BILD 4

Special Topics (BI** 194) Courses

Teach a 2-unit BI** 194 course of your choice on a topic based in Biological content. Topics will be vetted and approved by Biological Sciences before being proposed to campus.

  • Enrollment is generally capped at ~30-40 in summer topics courses
  • No Final exam required
  • No discussion sections (seminar only), thus no Instructional Assistant support

Details about BI** 194 courses can be found here. Please note, the document is used for academic year course coordination, so not all details pertain to Summer Session.


  • Ph.D. in Biology or related field completed by the date of appointment, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Previous teaching experience at the college and/or university level. Serving as an Instructional Assistant may fulfill this requirement.
Questions? Send them to

UC San Diego is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer with a strong institutional commitment to excellence and diversity. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to gender, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age or protected veteran status.