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    • Green plant in the sun

      Biologists Pioneer First Method to Decode Gene Expression

      Genomic ‘Rosetta Stone’ taps powerful algorithm to identify expressible genes at near-perfect accuracy

      Given the recent remarkable advancements in genetics, it’s easy to assume that 21 st century scientists have at their disposal a clear, quick way to run a genomic sequence scan and find out which genes among thousands can be expressed and which cannot. Gene expression is the process by which information encoded within genes leads to key products, such as proteins.

    • David Traver

      David Traver Wins Prestigious International Hematology Award

      UC San Diego Division of Biological Sciences Professor David Traver has been selected to receive the 2019 McCulloch and Till Award from the International Society for Experimental Hematology (ISEH).

    • Matthew Banghart and Yimin Zou

      National Organizations Announce Funding to Support UC San Diego Neurobiologists

      Matthew Banghart and Yimin Zou recognized for leading innovative research

      Matthew Banghart and Yimin Zou, scientists in UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences Section of Neurobiology, have been selected for prestigious awards by national organizations.

    • Biological Sciences Undergrads Receive Saier Research Awards

      UC San Diego Biological Sciences undergraduates Zeljana Babic and Nuo Tian have been honored with 2019 Dr. Milton H. Saier Sr. Memorial Awards for their outstanding research achievements.

    • Raymond Mak Honored with Saltman Excellent Teaching Award

      Experiences with dense scientific articles inspire Biology grad student to develop a better way

      The UC San Diego Committee on Senate Awards has named Division of Biological Sciences Graduate Student Raymond Mak as a recipient of the 2018-2019 Barbara and Paul Saltman Excellent Teaching Award for Graduate Students.

    • Applying the Goldilocks Principle to DNA Structure

      Scientists consider the form that may be “just right” for scripting gene expression

      The Goldilocks of fairy-tale fame knew something about porridge. It needed to be just right—neither too hot nor too cold. Same with furniture—neither too hard nor too soft. In a different context, scientists at UC San Diego know something about DNA.

    • Borrowing from Astronomy to Rob the Twinkle from Brain Imagery

      Neurophysicists make new recording of nerve signals by adapting tools of astronomers

      Recently, UC San Diego Professor David Kleinfeld, along with postdoctoral fellow Rui Liu, realized how to adopt a process called “adaptive optics” (AO) to correct for changes in the density and moisture of air in the atmosphere to correct microscopic images for the scattering of light that occurs in brain tissue.

    • Randy Hampton and Stephanie Mel Receive College Honors

      Two UC San Diego colleges have awarded special honors to Division of Biological Sciences faculty members for the 2018-2019 academic year.

    • Cartoon showing a viral replication factory assembled by some jumbo viruses. Viral DNA replicates inside the nucleus (blue shell). Viral capsids travel to the nucleus along a treadmilling filament. Capsids dock on the nucleus in order to package viral DNA.

      Viruses Found to Use Intricate ‘Treadmill’ to Move Cargo across Bacterial Cells

      State-of-the-art technologies reveal bacterial cells organized like human cells, offering insights for new phage therapies on untreatable infections

      Now, using advanced technologies to explore the inner workings of bacteria in unprecedented detail, biologists at the University of California San Diego have discovered that in fact bacteria have more in common with sophisticated human cells than previously known.

    • Chris Beierschmitt, Devon Birdseye, Rhea-Comfort Addo, Donte Stevens and Alana Gibson

      Five Biology Graduate Students Receive NSF Research Fellowships

      Five graduate students in UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences have received prestigious 2019 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships. Eight Biology graduate students received honorable mentions.

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