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    • People doing research at the marsh

      Fundraising Campaign Gives Kendall-Frost Marsh a Fresh Start

      Philanthropy supports construction of a new field station for education, research, community activities and recognition of the region’s indigenous roots

      San Diego holds a living piece of the natural abundance of marshland that once was our waterfront… and could be again. Only a fraction of wild marsh remains of the thousands of acres of wetland habitat that naturally thrived across a swath of Mission Bay less than a century ago.

    • Ryoma Hattori smiling in a lab coat

      Ryoma Hattori Receives Alpert Distinguished Scholar Award

      Ryoma Hattori, a postdoctoral scholar in UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences, was awarded a 2021 Warren Alpert Distinguished Scholar Fellowship Award.

    • A photo of Sonya Neal

      Biologist Sonya Neal Advances Social Issues Education and STEM Inclusivity

      Assistant professor develops new graduate course on social issues in biology and receives NSF CAREER award supporting underrepresented STEM students

      Neal, an assistant professor in UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences, studies the mechanisms surrounding misfolded proteins in cells and how organisms handle such potentially toxic threats. She says scientists must now think well beyond their work in the laboratory and lecture hall.

    • A photo of Gentry Patrick

      Social Justice as Part of the Remedy for What Ails Us

      New center in Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion focuses on issues in health care

      Eliminating racial inequity demands empathy and compassion, but also social justice. The newest center within the T. Denny Sanford Institute for Empathy and Compassion at UC San Diego will have that focus, created to identify, understand and resolve social justice issues in health care that primarily affect racial and ethnic minorities, women, LGBTQ and underserved communities.

    • An image of liquid stored in 3 closed flasks.

      Trained Viruses Prove More Effective at Fighting Antibiotic Resistance

      Practice boosts phage potency in evolutionary battleground with deadly bacteria

      The threat of antibiotic resistance rises as bacteria continue to evolve to foil even the most powerful modern drug treatments. By 2050, antibiotic resistant-bacteria threaten to claim more than 10 million lives as existing therapies prove ineffective.

    • An image of Cressida Madigan

      Cressida Madigan Named 2021 Pew Biomedical Scholar

      The Pew Charitable Trusts has announced that UC San Diego Division of Biological Sciences Assistant Professor Cressida Madigan has been selected for the 2021 Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences.

    • Student working in the lab

      Brainiacs: New Summer Research Program Supports Underrepresented Neurosciences Undergrads

      To better support students interested in graduate studies in neurosciences, UC San Diego’s Kavli Institute for Brain and Mind, in coordination with student organization Colors of the Brain, has created the CoB-KIBM Scholars Program.

    • Multiple mosquitos lined up in a row

      Researchers Create New CRISPR Tools to Help Contain Mosquito Disease Transmission

      Genetics toolkit targets less researched Culex mosquitoes, which transmit West Nile virus and avian malaria

      University of California San Diego scientists have now developed several genetic editing tools that help pave the way to an eventual gene drive designed to stop Culex mosquitoes from spreading disease.

    • An image of flourescent worms.

      Research Uncovers How ‘Non-professional’ Cells Can Trigger Immune Response

      Worm cells sense changes in metabolism to activate defensive measures against pathogens

      Included in the vast fallout stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists are paying closer attention to microbial infections and how life forms defend against attacks from pathogens.

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