Recent News

    • Lara Labarta-Bajo

      Graduate Student Lara Labarta-Bajo Awarded Prestigious Melvin Cohn Award

      Highly competitive award honors exceptional research

      Continuing to highlight achievements of the recently completed academic year, the Division of Biological Sciences recognizes graduate student Lara Labarta-Bajo, who was honored at the fall La Jolla Immunology Conference as the winner of the Melvin Cohn Award.

    • Historical Disease Meets Modern Biology in New Faculty Member Cressida Madigan’s Lab

      New Biological Sciences faculty member Cressida Madigan doesn’t mind if an ancient disease such as leprosy is not something we think about every day.

      Influenced by her art historian parents and diseases that changed the course of world history, Madigan works at the crossroads of microbiology, neurobiology and infectious disease research. Using modern biological tools, including a see-through fish that reveals infection pathways, Madigan believes exotic infectious diseases may hold clues to more modern afflictions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

    • Nerve Endings in Brain Wiring Found to ‘Talk’ to Each Other

      Neurobiologists reveal for the first time that growth cones communicate via a gene found in Parkinson’s disease

      The intricate and organized ways in which nerve fibers (axons) are wired in our nervous system are essential to healthy development and function. The critical navigation hubs at the tips of our nerves, the “growth cones,” play a central role in the development of these axonal networks.

    • Byungkook Lim Awarded Grant for ‘High Risk-High Payoff’ Research

      Funding will support new tools in neuroscience to address a range of diseases

      Byungkook Lim, an associate professor in the Biological Sciences Section of Neurobiology, has been awarded an Early-Concept Grant for Exploratory Research (EAGER) from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

    • Sonya Neal

      Biologist Sonya Neal Named 2020 Pew Scholar

      The Pew Charitable Trusts today announced that Sonya Neal has been selected to join the Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences.

    • Recovery of Sea Otter Populations Yields More Benefits than Costs

      New model puts dollar value on ecological transformations driven by otters

      Since their reintroduction to the Pacific coast in the 1970s, the sea otters’ rapid recovery and voracious appetite for tasty shellfish such as sea urchins, clams and crabs has brought them into conflict with coastal communities and fishers, who rely on the same valuable fisheries for food and income.

    • New Biosensor Visualizes Stress in Living Plant Cells in Real Time

      Nanosensor allows unprecedented access to explore mechanisms related to drought

    • red world map with viruses overlapping the continents

      Biological Sciences and the COVID-19 Pandemic

      UC San Diego’s Division of Biological Sciences is leveraging its scientific expertise to offer research perspectives and insights on the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • Image of Tracy Johnson

      BioSci Alumna Tracy Johnson Named Dean of UCLA’s Division of Life Sciences

      Tracy Johnson, a UC San Diego Division of Biological Sciences alumna and former faculty member, has been named dean of the division of life sciences in the UCLA College, effective Sept. 1. Photo credit: Hadar Goren

    • Lorraine Pillus Named Revelle College Faculty Fellow

      Lorraine Pillus, a professor in the Biological Sciences Section of Molecular Biology, has been honored by being named a 2019-2020 Revelle College Faculty Fellow.