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Academic Departments

The School of Biological Sciences programs at UC San Diego cover a wide spectrum of research interests, including biochemistry and biophysics; cell biology and developmental biology; ecology, behavior, and evolution; genetics and molecular biology; immunology, virology, and cancer biology; neurobiology; and plant molecular biology. 

Within the school, these subdisciplines are organized under four Academic Departments.

Each of the departments has a Chair who reports to the Dean, and all share a centralized administrative support structure: IT, fiscal and human resources as well as the undergraduate and graduate programs which are administered at the School level. 

The strength and significance of the research conducted in our four departments has manifested itself in the recent National Research Council’s comprehensive assessment of the quality of more than 5,000 doctoral programs in 62 fields at 212 U.S. research institutions. UC San Diego’s Biological Sciences graduate program has been ranked number one in the nation and ninth in the world.