Academic Personnel and Staff Human Resources

The Academic Personnel and Staff Human Resources unit of the Division of Biological Sciences provides the full scope of administrative support for academics and staff in all four sections, the Dean’s Office, and the Business Office. This includes recruitment, appointment, academic review, staff appraisals, labor and employee relations, benefits, leaves, payroll, and timekeeping.

Academics include all ladder rank faculty, teaching professors, adjunct faculty, temporary and continuing lecturers, professional researchers, and postdoctoral scholars.

Staff HR includes administrative and lab staff, student employees, visiting scholars, visiting graduate students, and volunteers.

We assist with...

  • Academic & Staff Recruitment and Appointment
  • Academic Reviews
  • Annual Staff Appraisals
  • Labor & Employee Relations Support
  • Classification & Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Leaves
  • Payroll
  • Reporting
  • Visas


For specific inquiries, please see our staff contact list below

General Inquiries


M-F, 8:00am-4:30pm


Urey Hall, 1700-1800 Suite

Mailing Address

University of California, San Diego
Division of Biological Sciences
9500 Gilman Drive,  Mail Code: 0346
La Jolla, CA 92093-0346


Laura Ta
Academic & Staff HR Manager
(858) 53 4-6387
(858) 53 4-6387
AP and HR unit strategic oversight and supervision; primary contact for all faculty appointments, reviews, leaves, payroll, and benefits
Kim Graves
Academic HR Analyst
(858) 53 4-1963
(858) 53 4-1963
Adjunct faculty, research scientists, project scientists, specialists, postdoctoral scholars, Unit 18 lecturers, secondary contact for faculty
Kristin Touchet
Academic HR Analyst
(858) 53 4-0770
(858) 53 4-0770
Adjunct faculty, project scientists, specialists, postdoctoral scholars, Unit 18 lecturers, lab staff, visiting graduate students, visiting scholars
Rexanne Bonilla-Dayes
HR Generalist
(858) 53 4-0634
(858) 53 4-0634
Lab and administrative staff, postdoctoral scholars, Unit 18 lecturers, visiting graduate students, visiting scholars, department security administrator (DSA)
Barbara Gelsomino
HR Generalist
(858) 53 4-3113
(858) 53 4-3113
Lab staff, visiting graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, visiting scholars, undergraduate students, volunteers
Rebecca Vraga
HR Generalist
(858) 53 4-1968
(858) 53 4-1968
Lab staff, postdoctoral scholars, visiting graduate students, visiting scholars
Samantha Crook
Payroll/Personnel HR Assistant
(858) 24 6-1106
(858) 24 6-1106
Timekeeping, graduate student researcher appointments and payroll, undergraduate students, volunteers, service awards, department security administrator (DSA)