Faculty List

All current faculty in the Division of Biological Sciences at UC San Diego. Visit a faculty member's profile to find out more about their research, or find contact details in the faculty directory.

# Name Section Title Research
Ackerman Susan Ackerman Neuro Stephen W. Kuffler Chair in Biology Professor Cellular and Molecular Medicine Genetic analysis of homeostasis and degeneration of mammalian neurons
Akbari Omar Akbari CDB Associate Professor Developing technologies to detect and protect against pathogens.
Aljadeff Johnatan (Yonatan) Aljadeff Neuro Assistant Professor New Theoretical neuroscience: Neuronal and synaptic basis of learning; Relating network dynamics to function.
Allen Eric Allen MB Professor Marine Biology Research Division Genomic biology and diversity of marine environmental and host-associated microbiomes
Allen Nicola Allen Neuro Adjunct Professor Salk Astrocyte-neuron interaction in health and disease
Aoi Mikio Aoi Neuro Assistant Professor Halicioglu Institute for Data Science New We use statistical and machine learning methods to understand how populations of neurons coordinate their activity to perform computations.
Armour Jon Armour Neuro Teaching Professor
Asahina Kenta Asahina Neuro Assistant Adjunct Professor Genetic, neuronal and circuitry bases of animal social interactions
Ayres Janelle Ayres CDB Associate Adjunct Professor Salk
Azim Eiman Azim Neuro Assistant Adjunct Professor Salk Defining how neural circuits control movement
Baker Tim Baker MB Professor Emeritus Cryoelectron microscopy and three-dimensional, computer reconstruction of macromolecules
Banghart Matthew Banghart Neuro Assistant Professor Molecular, cellular, and circuit mechanisms of cognitive and pharmacological pain modulation driven by the development of novel photochemical and pharmacological tools.
Barton Andrew Barton EBE Assistant Professor SIO Department Biological oceanography; ecology and physiology of marine plankton; biodiversity, biogeography, and macroecology; climate impacts on marine ecosystems.
Benna Marcus Benna Neuro Assistant Professor Computational and theoretical neuroscience; neural data analysis; synaptic plasticity, learning and memory; representational geometry.
Bennett Eric Bennett CDB Associate Professor Research in the Bennett lab broadly investigates cellular stress response and quality control pathways. Our aim is to decipher how protein homeostasis dysfunction impacts cellular and tissue function.
Berg Darwin Berg Neuro Distinguished Professor Emeritus Cellular and molecular mechanisms of synapse formation, nicoinic signaling, and neural network construction
Bier Ethan Bier CDB Tata Chancellor\'s Endowed Professorship in Cell & Developmental Biology Professor Molecular and genetic analysis of Drosophila neural development
Bloodgood Brenda Bloodgood Neuro Associate Professor neurophysiology, molecular mechanisms of synapse and circuit plasticity
Bottini Nunzio Bottini Faculty Affiliate Medicine New
Briggs Steve Briggs CDB Professor We study three aspects of plant cell & developmental biology: hybrid vigor (heterosis); resistance to infectious disease; and epigenomic regulation of gene expression.
Brody Stuart Brody MB Professor Emeritus Biochemical genetics of circadian rhythms and mitochondrial membranes in Neurospora
Busch Wolfgang Busch CDB Associate Adjunct Professor Salk Systems Genetics of Roots and Plant Based Carbon Drawdown
Butler Madeline Butler Neuro Teaching Professor Emeritus
Chalasani Sreekanth Chalasani Neuro Associate Adjunct Professor Salk We use C. elegans, zebrafish and mice to understand how the brain generates behavior
Chao Lin Chao EBE Professor Theory and genetics of evolutionary processes; microbial evolution
Chilukuri Lakshmi Chilukuri MB Provost of Sixth College Associate Teaching Professor Sixth College
Chisholm Andrew Chisholm Neuro Associate Dean Professor Morphogenesis, axon regeneration and wound healing in C. elegans.
Choe Senyon Choe MB Adjunct Professor Qualcomm Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology Synthetic biology to design synthetic signals aimed for novel cellular regenerative signaling pathways
Chrispeels Maarten Chrispeels CDB Distinguished Professor Emeritus What are the most effective pedagogical approaches to create scientific literacy?
Cleland Elsa Cleland EBE Professor EBE Vice Chair Responses of wild plants to global environmental changes; ecology and evolutionary ecology.
Coleman Aaron Coleman MB Teaching Professor We are investigating how students learn scientific reasoning in biology laboratory classes in order to determine best practices for teaching these skills.
Cook-Andersen Heidi Cook-Andersen MB Assistant Professor Reproductive Medicine Combining genetic, molecular and cutting-edge genome-wide approaches to uncover the mechanisms driving reprogramming to totipotency during the transition from oocyte to embryo
Cooke James Cooke Neuro Assistant Teaching Professor Undergraduate learning; Retention of course content
Cooper Kimberly Cooper CDB Associate Professor Musculoskeletal development and diversity of form and function
Crawford Nigel Crawford CDB Professor Emeritus Plant molecular biology, control of gene expression and ion transport.
Daugherty Matthew Daugherty MB Assistant Professor Evolution of host-pathogen interactions and host immunity against infectious diseases
David Michael David MB Professor Mechanisms by which interferons and other cytokines activate the transcription of early response genes.
Desai Arshad Desai CDB Professor We are interested in the molecular mechanisms that ensure genome stability during cell division
Dhar Debanjan Dhar Faculty Affiliate Medicine New
Dickinson Alexandra Jazz Dickinson CDB Assistant Professor New Chemical biology of plant development and stress response
Dutton Rachel Dutton MB Associate Professor Mechanisms of microbial interactions with microbiomes using cheese as a model ecosystem
Ebert-May Diane Ebert-May EBE Adjunct Professor MSU New
Ecker Joseph Ecker CDB Adjunct Professor Salk The Ecker lab develops multi-omic methods to study epigenetic processes during development and disease at the single-cell level in plants ( Arabidopsis) and animals (mouse, non-human primates and human brain cells).
Engle Dannielle Engle MB Assistant Adjunct Professor Salk Identifying early detection biomarkers and therapeutic vulnerabilities in organoid and mouse models of pancreatic cancer with a focus on glycosylation.
Ernst Andreas Ernst CDB Assistant Professor New Morphological and functional organization of the early secretory pathway
Estelle Mark Estelle CDB Tata Chancellor\'s Endowed Professorship (VI) in Cell and Developmental Biology Professor CDB Chair Molecular genetics of plant hormone action; the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway in plants.
Evans Ronald Evans CDB March of Dimes Chair in Molecular and Developmental Biology Adjunct Professor Salk
Farley Emma Farley MB Assistant Professor Medicine High-throughput functional approaches to understand how the instructions for successful development are encoded in our genomes
Feng Gen-sheng Feng MB Professor Pathology Our lab is interested in understanding the anti-oncogenic effects and mechanisms of classical pro-oncogenic molecules in liver cancer initiation and progression, using molecular, genomic and bioinformatic approaches.
Firtel Rick Firtel CDB Distinguished Professor Emeritus Mechanisms regulating gene expression and cell differentiation during development. G. proteins and signal transduction mechanisms.
Forbes Douglass Forbes CDB Professor Nuclear transport in vitro; nuclear pore structure; nuclear assembly
French Kathleen French Neuro Teaching Professor Emeritus
Gage Fred Gage Neuro John Adler Chair for Research on Age-Related Neurodegenerative Diseases Adjunct Professor Salk
Geiduschek E. Peter Geiduschek MB Research Professor Distinguished Professor Emeritus Biochemical and genetic approaches to the control of gene activity.
Gentner Tim Gentner Neuro Professor Psychology
Ghosh Pradipta Ghosh Faculty Affiliate Medicine New
Glasgow Stacey Glasgow Neuro Assistant Professor Defining mechanisms that regulate developmental gliogenesis and understanding how glial dysfunction can lead to neurodegenerative disorders and malignancies.
Golden James W. Golden MB Professor Genetics, molecular biology, and engineering of cyanobacteria with emphasis on genetic tools for biotechnology applications, biosynthetic genes for natural products, and grazing interactions
Golden Susan Golden MB HHMI Professor Director, Center for Circadian Biology Chancellor\'s Associates Chair (III) in Molecular Biology Professor Regulation of circadian rhythms and bio-products in cyanobacteria.
Goldrath Ananda Goldrath MB Tata Chancellor\'s Endowed Professorship (V) in Molecular Biology Professor Transcriptional regulation of anti-pathogen and anti-tumor T cell immunity
Goren Alon Goren Faculty Affiliate Medicine New
Goulding Martyn Goulding Neuro Adjunct Professor Salk
Grant Barry Grant MB Associate Teaching Professor Our research involves the use of computational approaches, based on both biophysics and bioinformatics, to study the structure, function and evolution of key biological macromolecules.
Green Melvin Green CDB Professor Emeritus
Greenspan Ralph Greenspan Neuro Co-Director, Cal-BRAIN Associate Director, Kavli Institute for the Brain and Mind Professor Cognitive Science My research addresses genetic mechanisms underlying behavior: genes, circuits, and physiology in Drosophila.
Halpain Shelley Halpain Neuro Professor Molecular mechanisms of morphogenesis of axons, dendrites, and synapses; time-lapse imaging of cytoskeletal dynamics.
Hampton Randy Hampton CDB Professor Genetics and molecular biology of protein degradation in yeast.
Han Sung Han Neuro Assistant Adjunct Professor Salk Neural circuit-based mechanisms of emotion-physiology interaction. Neuropeptidergic circuit dissection of innate behaviors.
Hao Nan Hao MB Associate Professor The design principles of molecular networks governing regulatory responses to stresses, aging or diseases
Hargreaves Diana Hargreaves MB Assistant Adjunct Professor Salk
Hasty Jeff Hasty MB Professor
Head Brian Head Faculty Affiliate Anesthesiology New
Hedrick Stephen Hedrick MB Chancellor\'s Associates Chair VII Professor Immune recognition and development.
Helinski Donald Helinski MB Professor Emeritus
Hetzer Martin Hetzer CDB Hearst Endorsement Professor Adjunct Professor Salk
Holway David Holway EBE Professor Biological invasions, social insects, trophic interactions.
Huffaker Alisa Huffaker CDB Assistant Professor Signal transduction regulating plant innate immunity
Hui Enfu Hui CDB Assistant Professor T cell signaling with a focus on inhibitory receptors
Hunter Tony Hunter MB American Cancer Society Professor Adjunct Professor Salk We are interested in intracellular signal transduction processes mediated by protein phosphorylation and how aberrant signaling causes cancer
Hwa Terry Hwa MB Presidential Chair II Department of Physics Professor Physics The Hwa lab develops quantitative approaches to gain predictive understanding of microbial systems, from molecular interactions to microbial physiology, ecology, and evolution.
Izpisua Belmonte Juan carlos Izpisua Belmonte CDB Adjunct Professor Salk
Jackrel Sara Jackrel EBE Assistant Professor Effects of intraspecific variation, including host-associated microbes, on aquatic communities and ecosystems.
Jin Xin Jin Neuro Associate Adjunct Professor Salk
Jin Yishi Jin Neuro Junior Seau Foundation Endowed Chair in Traumatic Brain Injury Professor Molecular genetic mechanisms of synapse formation, axon maintenance and neural circuit regulation.
Jones Katherine Jones MB Adjunct Professor Salk Transcription mechanisms in human disease.
Juavinett Ashley Juavinett Neuro Assistant Teaching Professor Course-based undergraduate research with open source datasets; education and careers in neuroscience
Jun Suckjoon Jun MB Associate Professor Physics
Kadonaga James Kadonaga MB Amylin Endowed Chair in Lifesciences Education and Research Professor Transcriptional regulation and chromatin dynamics.
Kaech Susan Kaech MB Adjunct Professor Salk Understanding how memory T cells form, function and fight infection and cancer
Karlseder Jan Karlseder MB Adjunct Professor Salk
Kiger Amy Kiger CDB Associate Professor Membrane control of cellular remodeling and autophagy stress response. Requirements for muscle function in Drosophila development and models of human disease.
Kleinfeld David Kleinfeld Neuro Dr. George Feher Endowed Chair in Experimental Biophysics Professor Physics Integrative approaches to network phenomena in brains. (1) Active sensing through behavior, neuroanatomy, and electro/opto-physiology. (2) Brain blood flow dynamics through advanced optical imaging.
Kohn Joshua Kohn EBE Professor Plant population biology; plant-pollinator interactions; mating system evolution; ecological genetics.
Komiyama Takaki Komiyama Neuro Professor Neurosciences Two-photon imaging of microcircuit modulations by behavior and learning in awake mice.
Kristan William Kristan Neuro Distinguished Professor Emeritus Neurobiology; neuronal basis of behavior; development of simple nervous systems.
Kronenberg Mitchell Kronenberg MB President and Chief Scientific Officer Adjunct Professor LJI
Kryazhimskiy Sergey Kryazhimskiy EBE Assistant Professor Evolutionary systems biology; experimental evolution
Kurle Carolyn Kurle EBE Associate Professor Applied conservation, trophic interactions, foraging ecology, food webs, stable isotope biogeochemistry, vertebrate ecology, and marine, coastal, and island ecosystems
Lande Russell Lande EBE Professor Emeritus
Lauberth Shannon Lauberth MB Assistant Professor
Law Julie Law CDB Assistant Adjunct Professor Salk Our research focuses on understanding how genetic elements and epigenetic modifications influence gene regulation and genome stability.
Lee Kuo Lee Neuro Adjunct Professor Salk
Leschziner Andres Leschziner MB Professor Cellular and Molecular Medicine We are interested in understanding how molecular machines use conformational changes to perform their biological functions.
Leutgeb Jill Leutgeb Neuro Walter F. Heiligenberg Professorship in Neuroethology Professor Systems Neuroscience; Neural network mechanisms underlying memory formation and retrieval.
Leutgeb Stefan Leutgeb Neuro Professor Neuro Chair Neural circuits for spatial computations and memory.
Lillemeier Bjorn Lillemeier MB Associate Adjunct Professor Salk
Lim Byungkook Lim Neuro Associate Professor The main objective of research in my laboratory is to understand the neural circuit-mechanisms underlying neuropsychiatric diseases including drug addiction, feeding disorder, depressive disorder, social impairment and movement disorder.
Lo Stanley Lo CDB Associate Teaching Professor Biology and STEM education; faculty conceptions of teaching, learning, and diversity; intersection of student identity, experience, and learning
Lovett-Barron Matthew Lovett-Barron Neuro Assistant Professor New We study the neurobiology of behavioral flexibility – investigating the brain-wide neural circuits of transparent fish as they adjust their behavior to different contexts.
Lu Li-Fan Lu MB Associate Professor Cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the regulation of immune activation and immune suppression
Lundblad Victoria Lundblad MB Adjunct Professor Salk
Lykke-Andersen Jens Lykke-Andersen MB Professor Mechanisms of RNA turnover and quality control in human gene expression and disease.
Lyumkis Dmitry Lyumkis MB Assistant Adjunct Professor Salk We use cryogenic electron microscopy (cryo-EM) to decipher the structure and understand the function of large macromolecular assemblies associated with human diseases.
Macagno Eduardo Macagno CDB Professor Neurological and physiological responses to the built environment; spatial navigation and wayfinding by visually and cognitively impaired individuals.
Madigan Cressida Madigan MB Assistant Professor Neurological infections and inflammation, including leprosy and tuberculosis
Malinow Roberto Malinow Neuro Shiley Endowed Chair in Alzheimer\'s Disease research in Honor of Dr. Leon Thal Distinguished Professor Neurosciences Synapses in brain function and dysfunction.
Markow Teri Markow CDB Professor Emeritus Speciation and adaptation to novel environments; Mating system evolution; Drosophila evolutionary genetics.
Mayfield Stephen Mayfield MB Director, California Center for Algae Biotechnology Co-director, Food & Fuel for the 21st Century Professor Developing algae as a biotechnology platform for the production of biofuels and bio-products.
McDonnell Lisa McDonnell CDB Associate Teaching Professor Understanding how students develop scientific thinking skills and the impact of teaching methods on knowledge, experience, and skill development.
McGinnis Bill McGinnis CDB Distinguished Professor Emeritus Molecular genetics of Drosophila development and epidermal wound repair.
Meaders Claire Meaders CDB Assistant Teaching Professor New Biology education and understanding student experiences in STEM courses
Mel Stephanie Mel MB Teaching Professor Research in the Undergraduate Classroom
Meyer Justin Meyer EBE Associate Professor Experimental microbial ecology and evolution.
Montal Maurice Montal Neuro Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Murre Cornelis Murre MB Professor MB Chair Molecular and physical mechanisms that control the development of immune cells
Neal Sonya Neal CDB Assistant Professor Understanding the mechanistic underpinnings and medical importance of misfolded membrane proteins, and how organisms use quality control pathways to mitigate this universal biological stress.
Nieh James Nieh EBE Associate Dean Professor The natural and man-made stressors of social bees, focusing on the Behavioral Ecology of bee foraging and communication, the neuroethology of learning, and bee health.
Nimmerjahn Axel Nimmerjahn Neuro Associate Adjunct Professor Salk
Niwa Rosen Maho Niwa Rosen MB Professor Cell cycle checkpoint for proper division of cytoplasmic compartments including the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), Unfolded Protein Response stress response pathway during the differentiation of immune cells and neurons
O'Shea Clodagh O'Shea MB Adjunct Professor Salk
Oegema Karen Oegema CDB Professor Molecular mechanisms of cell division and how variation in the cell division machinery can be leveraged to engineer targeted chemotherapeutic strategies
Owens Melinda Owens Neuro Assistant Teaching Professor Biology education; developing tools to understand how college faculty teach; understanding how students reasons about biological topics
Panda Satchidananda Panda CDB Adjunct Professor Salk
Pasquinelli Amy Pasquinelli MB Professor Molecular genetic studies of microRNA pathways.
Patrick Gentry Patrick Neuro Professor
Pekkurnaz Gulcin Pekkurnaz Neuro Assistant Professor Neuronal metabolism and mitochondria
Perry Michael Perry CDB Assistant Professor Evolution and development of insect visual systems, from cell fate specification to visual function.
Petrie Katherine Petrie EBE Assistant Teaching Professor Biology & STEM education - barriers to learning bioinformatics; Experimental evolution - mechanisms of innovation
Pfaff Samuel Pfaff Neuro Helen McLoraine Developmental Chair in Neurobiology Adjunct Professor Salk
Pillus Lorraine Pillus MB Professor Chromosome structure and function; genetics and epigenetics of transcription; position effects and transcriptional repression.
Pogliano Joseph Pogliano MB Professor The J.Pogliano lab is developing new methods to discover antibiotics and is studying the phage nucleus, a remarkable structure it discovered in 2016 that plays a key role in jumbo phage sub cellular organization, replication and evolution.
Pogliano Kit Pogliano MB Dean Richard C. Atkinson Endowed Chair Professor Bacterial cell dynamics and architecture during growth, development and antibiotic treatment.
Posakony Jim Posakony CDB Professor Cell fate specification by cell-cell signaling and transcriptional regulation; enhancer architecture and evolution.
Price Paul Price MB Distinguished Professor Emeritus Analysis of protein structure and physiological function; post translational protein modification.
Pruneda-Paz Jose Pruneda-Paz CDB Associate Professor Molecular mechanisms that mediate circadian rhythms in plant stress and developmental responses.
Raffatellu Manuela Raffatellu Faculty Affiliate Pediatrics New
Reck-Peterson Samara Reck-Peterson CDB Professor Cellular and Molecular Medicine Mechanisms of intracellular transport in health and disease
Reese Aspen Reese EBE Assistant Professor Ecology and evolution of the gut microbiota.
Reinagel Pamela Reinagel Neuro Associate Professor Computational neuroscience of decision-making
Rennison Diana Rennison EBE Assistant Professor We conduct experiments and survey wild fish populations to understand the general mechanisms that underlie adaptation and speciation.
Reuther Keefe Reuther EBE Assistant Teaching Professor Curricula development and pedagogical research related to developing undergraduate skills in experimental design, scientific literacy, and data analysis
Rifkin Scott Rifkin EBE Associate Professor Evolutionary and developmental systems biology, variability of genetic networks in nematodes and yeast.
Rivera-Chavez Fabian Rivera-Chavez MB Assistant Professor Pediatrics New We use animal models to understand how microbial toxins modulate host/microbe metabolism during infection. Host/microbe interactions of enteric pathogens, including Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella.
Root Cory Root Neuro Assistant Professor Neural circuits mediating olfactory behaviors
Rosenfeld Michael Rosenfeld MB Professor of Medicine Adjunct Professor Medicine
Roy Kaustuv Roy EBE Professor Physical and biotic controls on the distribution and diversity of species in benthic marine ecosystems.
Russell Alistair Russell MB Assistant Professor Innate immunity to viral infections; the mechanisms delineating successful engagement of the interferon response
Ryder Oliver Ryder EBE Adjunct Professor San Diego Zoo
Saghatelian Alan Saghatelian CDB Adjunct Professor Salk
Saier Milton Saier MB Professor Transmembrane transport and the regulation of cellular physiology and transcription.
Schaechter Moselio Schaechter MB Adjunct Professor SDSU
Scheffler Immo Scheffler MB Professor Emeritus Somatic cell genetics. Molecular genetics of mammalian mitochondria.
Schmelz Eric Schmelz CDB Professor Chemical ecology; biochemical, physiological and genetic basis of induced plant defenses against insects and pathogens.
Schroeder Julian Schroeder CDB Torrey Mesa Research Institute Chair in Plant Science (aka Novartis) Professor Cellular, molecular and systems level identification of drought, salinity-and heavy metal stress resistance signal transduction mechanisms in plants. Plant CO2 sensing and signal transduction.
Sejnowski Terrence Sejnowski Neuro Professor Neurobiology; computational models of the nervous system; mechanisms for synaptic plasticity.
Shadel Gerald Shadel MB Adjunct Professor Salk In the Shadel lab, we study the role of mitochondria in disease, aging and the immune system.
Shaw Reuben Shaw MB Hearst Endorsement Professor Adjunct Professor Salk
Shiau Andrew Shiau CDB Professor of Practice
Shurin Jonathan Shurin EBE Professor EBE Chair The Shurin lab studies the ecology and evolution of aquatic organisms and the role of ecosystems in human society.
Smith Doug Smith MB Professor Emeritus Molecular biology; DNA replication and repair; computer applications to biology.
Smith Laurie Smith CDB Professor The Smith lab uses genetics, genomics, cell biology and other tools to study plant development and tissue function with a current focus on cuticles.
Spitzer Nicholas Spitzer Neuro Atkinson Family Chair Professor We're investigating activity-dependent neurotransmitter switching in the adult mouse brain and its relationship to different forms of mental illness.
Stockwell Sarah Stockwell EBE Assistant Teaching Professor
Su Chih-ying Su Neuro Associate Professor Molecular and cellular basis of olfactory information processing in the periphery.
Subramani Suresh Subramani MB Tata Chancellor\'s Endowed Professorship in Molecular Biology Distinguished Professor Emeritus Organelle homeostasis; peroxisome function and biogenesis; peroxisomal disorders; peroxisomal protein import; peroxisome turnover by autophagy. De novo biogenesis of peroxisomes from the endoplasmic reticulum; peroxisome division
Suel Gurol Suel MB Professor How ions regulate stress responses and signaling in bacteria and biofilms
Sun Xin Sun CDB Professor Pediatrics Development, Regeneration and Neural Circuit Control of Lung Function
Tour Ella Tour CDB Associate Teaching Professor I am interested in understanding how students develop critical thinking skills and to effectively teach critical thinking skills in biology.
Traver David Traver CDB Professor Vertebrate blood cell development, Biology of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells, Immunity.
Troemel Emily Troemel CDB Professor Host/pathogen interactions in the roundworm C. elegans, including microsporidia and viral pathogens; connections between intracellular infection and proteostasis.
Tye Kay Tye Neuro Adjunct Professor Salk The Tye Lab investigates the neural circuits underlying emotion, motivation, and social behavior.
Varner Judith Varner Faculty Affiliate Pathology New
Villa Elizabeth Villa MB Assistant Professor Cryo-electron microscopy, structural cell biology
Wahl Geoffrey Wahl MB Adjunct Professor Salk
Wang Jing Wang Neuro Professor Neuro Vice Chair Systems neurobiology; representation and processing of chemosensory information in Drosophila
Ware Carl Ware MB Head and Member of Center for Infectious Diseases Adjunct Professor Sanford-Burnham
Wasserman Steven Wasserman CDB Professor Emeritus Molecular genetic and biochemical analysis of peptide-mediated innate immunity in Drosophila.
Wienhausen Gabriele Wienhausen CDB Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus
Wildonger Jill Wildonger CDB Associate Professor Pediatrics New Mechanisms regulating neuronal structure and intracellular organization, with a focus on transport and microtubules.
Wilhelm Jim Wilhelm CDB Director of Undergraduate Education Associate Professor mRNA localization, translational control, and membrane trafficking in\n Drosophila melanogaster.
Wills Christopher Wills EBE Professor Emeritus Molecular evolution; genetic variation at DNA level
Xu Yang Xu MB Professor Emeritus Lymphocyte development and signaling pathways in response to DNA damage.
Yanofsky Martin Yanofsky CDB Paul D. Saltman Chair in Science Education Professor Molecular and genetic analyses of fruit development
Yelon Deborah Yelon CDB Herbert Stern Chair in Biology Professor CDB Vice Chair Organogenesis: genetic regulation of heart development in zebrafish.
Yguerabide Juan Yguerabide Professor Emeritus
Ying Wei Ying Faculty Affiliate Medicine New
Zhang Dong-Er Zhang MB Professor Pathology MB Vice Chair Molecular basis of blood cell differentiation and cancer development.
Zhao Yunde Zhao CDB Professor Plant Biology, Molecular mechanisms of auxin homeostasis and signal transduction
Zheng Ye Zheng MB Associate Adjunct Professor Salk
Zou Yimin Zou Neuro Professor We study the basic principles of how axons and synapses develop during neural circuit assembly and how disruption of brain wiring leads to neurological and psychiatric disorders and how to repair the central nervous system.
Zuniga Elina Zuniga MB Professor Regulation of innate and adaptive immune responses during acute and chronic viral infections.