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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment will allow individuals to take courses at UCSD without having to go through the traditional admissions process.

Enrollment Process

  • Review the Concurrent Enrollment eligibility requirements and enrollment deadlines.
  • Review Biology course(s) available on the Schedule of Classes. Students are expected to meet prerequisites for coursework in which they are interested.
  • Complete the Concurrent Enrollment application that is located on the Concurrent Enrollment website.
  • Once approved by Extension, complete a Concurrent Enrollment E-Add card for each course in which enrollment is being requested. Reference Step 5 on the Concurrent Enrollment website. The E-Add card will be automatically routed to the Division of Biological Sciences via Docusign.
  • The Division of Biological Sciences will review and process E-Add card requests during week 3 of each quarter, in the order received.
  • During the review process, the instructor may require additional information. Ensure all supporting documents (transcripts, AP/IB test scores, etc.) are readily available, in the event the Instructor requests them or requires additional information.
  • If approved by the instructor and space is available in the requested course and section, the Division of Biological Sciences will approve enrollment and will notify Extension. Extension will provide further guidance on the next steps and the payment process.
  • If denied by the instructor and/or if space is not available in the requested course and section, the request will be denied and returned to the student with further instructions by the Division of Biological Sciences.

Important Notes:

  • Submit one E-Add card per course.
  • It is recommended that students select "no preference" under section on the E-Add card.
  • Concurrent Enrollment E-Add Cards are not reviewed before or after the third week of each quarter.


Information on course fees can be found on the Concurrent Enrollment page on the UC San Diego Extension website.

Questions on Concurrent Enrollment? Call (858) 534-3400 or email