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Doctoral Studies

The School of Biological Sciences offers 2 distinct graduate programs:

The UC San Diego Biological Sciences program is a partnership between the School of Biological Sciences and the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. This creates a powerful and closely linked intellectual community, unified by the broad discipline of biological sciences.

Our programs boast over 100 faculty who provide a supportive and stimulating environment to enable highly talented individuals to develop the skills and experience necessary to become world-class scientists.

Graduate News

Graduate Student Livia Songster Receives Founding Faculty Award

Peroxisomes are cell components known to be involved in several metabolic processes, including energy metabolism. Professor Samara Reck-Peterson’s laboratory discovered that in some fungal cells peroxisomes get where they need to go by “hitchhiking” rides on other cellular components. But exactly how peroxisome hitchhiking plays out inside cells has not been well understood.