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School Emergency Report Form

Thorough and timely preparation for an emergency situation, including building evacuation exercises and group readiness discussions, will prove invaluable should a catastrophic event unfold. It is highly recommended that these strategies and protocols are reviewed now, in anticipation of emergency situations, rather than later.

  • Make sure to keep a multiple copies of the Emergency Report Form at the ready .
    • Each laboratory space has been outfitted with a red emergency clipboard, durable ballpoint pen, and copies of the Emergency Report Form. It is your responsibility to insert updated lab roster and contact information to provide to emergency responders should such an event arise.
  • During an emergency evacuation of the building, grab the red emergency clipboard (posted near all laboratory entrances) as you leave the lab and exit the building, taking care to close doors behind you. Alert others while you evacuate the building and assist those who may need help walking.
  • Assemble at your designated evacuation area and re-evaluate . Take a head count of your lab personnel and check off all those accounted for. Denote any absent personnel on the report form and do your best to track them down.
  • Complete and turn in the School Emergency Report Form to your Building Safety Contact (BSC) wearing a yellow emergency vest at the evacuation area.

The School Safety Office will ensure all Emergency Report Forms are delivered to the UCSD Emergency Operations Center and, subsequently, emergency response resources are dispatched.

Building Safety Contacts

Building Safety Contacts
Building Contact
AP&M Ashley Miller
Bonner Hall Jennifer Adams
CNCB Ashley Miller
Muir Biology Ashley Miller
NSB Ashley Miller
Pac Hall Tom Jucius
Tata Hall Ashley Miller
Urey Hall Ashley Miller
York Hall David Sauro
Questions or concerns? Contact your School Safety Officer at or 858-333-9791.